My Top 5 BBQ Joints in Unexpected Places

I count myself fortunate to be able to live the lifestyle that I do. Between our RV travels and my work travels, I’ve been able to see a large portion of this country. During those travels, I have made it my mission to eat as much BBQ as I can to uncover the hidden gems. Sure, I could have made a list of the top BBQ joints in Texas. However, that’s a list that many others have done already numerous times. What I strive to find are the BBQ joints in the most unexpected places. So without further delay, here is my top 5 list of BBQ joints in places where you’d least expect them: Continue reading “My Top 5 BBQ Joints in Unexpected Places”

2018: I’m BACK!!

I’ve mentioned to people that I have a blog, but that it’s been on a bit of a hiatus. Tonight I took a quick look, and it’s been over a year since I’ve written!!! Totally unacceptable. But I’m still around, despite best rumors! So let’s see how 2017 went… in a nutshell: FAST! Continue reading “2018: I’m BACK!!”

Five for Friday: Happy 2017 and Let’s Get Going!

Happy 2017!  We’re a month and change into the new year, and there already appears to be much going on in the world of grilling, BBQ, and all things related.  Personally, it has been an eventful year so far!  We’re slowly making our way west, so keep checking in to see where we are!  Here are some things (more than five) that you may be interested in checking out: Continue reading “Five for Friday: Happy 2017 and Let’s Get Going!”

Double Smoked Ham on the Weber Jumbo Joe

Recently my lovely wife picked up a small spiral sliced ham to cook for dinner. Because she’s currently in the middle of preparations for a huge show for her business, I offered to cook the ham on my Weber Jumbo Joe.  At least that was the excuse I offered up — in reality, I’ve been itching to try this for quite some time.  And since the ham was pre-smoked and pre-cooked, all I really need to do was to reheat it.  But why just reheat it when you can smoke it again and make it a double smoked ham!?!? Continue reading “Double Smoked Ham on the Weber Jumbo Joe”