Smokin Pigs Ash BBQ Kick Ash Sauce

Rub and sauce reviews seem to be fewer and further between nowadays for the blog.  Let’s change that with a review of Kick Ash Sauce by Smokin Pigs Ash BBQ out of Marietta, Ohio.

Yesterday the results of the 2016 American Royal “Best Sauce on the Planet” contest were released.  Kick Ash sauce placed fourth out of 106 entries in the spicy tomato-based sauce category and scored an incredible tenth place out of 450 entries!  And for good reason — this is a very tasty BBQ sauce.

But before we dive in, let’s learn a little more about the man behind the BBQ…

Background Info

Henry Leimkuehler began smoking meat at home for friends and family back in 2008. He bought his first professional smoker in 2011 and met his wife, Barbara, also a food lover, at the same time. It was fate. They began competing in the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) competitions throughout the summer of 2012, where they won seven top 10’s in five of the events. Then fate intervened again. Shortly after the Leimkuehlers married in the fall of 2012, Henry got diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma cancer, an incurable but treatable blood cancer that affects the bones and kidneys. So for the next year, Henry battled for his life. After achieving a complete response to his daily chemotherapy, Henry worked on ideas for his dream BBQ company.

Finally, that dream came true when they purchased the Little Red Trailer in 2015. They opened Smokin Pigs Ash BBQ, LLC in June 2015 for roadside concessions and catering.  After repeated requests from customers, Henry worked on his own unique BBQ sauce. “Kick Ash” was created and professionally bottled in December 2015 by Patter Fam Sauces from Wheelersburg, Ohio. Smokin Pigs Ash likes to call it “Sweet with a little heat”.

Ingredient list

Tomato concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, salt, mustard, apple cider vinegar, apple juice, dark corn syrup, molasses, honey, apricots, Worcestershire sauce, butter, tomato paste, brown sugar, lemon juice, black pepper, garlic powder, onion, crushed red pepper

Describing the Sauce

This sauce is your classic thick tomato-based sauce.  It has that consistency that people think of when they think of BBQ sauce.  The sauce is not overly syrupy sweet, but it is definitely sweet, smoky, and peppery.  It has that deep red color that is the staple of most classic BBQ sauces and a good feel on the tongue.

Kick Ash Sauce is a great sauce for those who may not like things super hot but want some spice in their life.  Because this is a thick sweet sauce, I recommend using it as a finishing glaze rather than using it throughout the cooking process.  It also works beautifully as a condiment — yes, I’m one of those guys who will dip his French fries in BBQ sauce.

How I Tested the Sauce

Let’s just say my wife and I used this sauce every chance we could!  It worked great as a topping for BBQ nachos as well as a finishing sauce on hot dogs and pork chops.  We liked this sauce so much that I had to scramble to get pictures before we used up all of the product.

This is a sauce worth ordering, ladies and gents!  The combination of sweet, spicy, and peppery makes this one a hit!  As for the future, Henry and Barbara dream of more barbecue recipes and new innovative barbecue sauces, so I’m looking forward to what they come up with next!

For those interested in ordering, you can contact Henry and Barbara through their website at or through Facebook at

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