Double Smoked Ham on the Weber Jumbo Joe

Recently my lovely wife picked up a small spiral sliced ham to cook for dinner. Because she’s currently in the middle of preparations for a huge show for her business, I offered to cook the ham on my Weber Jumbo Joe.  At least that was the excuse I offered up — in reality, I’ve been itching to try this for quite some time.  And since the ham was pre-smoked and pre-cooked, all I really need to do was to reheat it.  But why just reheat it when you can smoke it again and make it a double smoked ham!?!?

The Prep

Traditional spiral sliced hams have a bit of a sweeter flavor profile, usually due to the brown sugar glaze that gets applied towards the end of cooking.  To keep to this general trend, I had to go with a sweeter BBQ rub.  Sure, you can concoct your own seasoning blend, but there are too many good choices out on the market to need to do that.  I decided to go with a seasoning blend that is extremely popular with Big Green Egg / Kamado Joe owners: Honey Hog BBQ rub by Meat Church BBQ.

As a sweeter BBQ rub, Honey Hog BBQ rub played right into the flavor profile that I wanted.  I slathered yellow mustard over the outside of the ham and liberally applied Honey Hog BBQ evenly all over the ham.  After a rest in the refrigerator for an hour or 2, I pulled the ham out, sprayed the ham with vegetable oil spray, and applied a second thinner layer of Honey Hog BBQ rub.  Then the ham went into the refrigerator again to rest and get cozy until cooking time.

As a side note, I originally tried applying vegetable oil to the outside of the ham for the first coating, but it did not adhere well to the ham.

Grill Setup

I can’t thank David Somerville of Quality Grill Parts for supplying me with the Weber Jumbo Joe for my journey into full-time RVer-hood.  It is a piece of equipment that is often underrated.  Like its larger kettle siblings, the Weber Jumbo Joe is a versatile grill.  In addition to direct heat grilling, you can do low and slow smoking or indirect smoke-roasting on it that tastes just as good as food that comes off of other dedicated smokers.

I set up the Weber Jumbo Joe for indirect heat by keeping the charcoal (Royal Oak lump charcoal) to one side of the grill.  The bottom damper was approximately 3/4 open, while the damper on the lid was all the way open.  For the smoke element, I used a couple of small apple wood chunks plus one Competition Blend Bar-B-Qube from Mojobricks (available for purchase from Amazon).

The Cook

Since the ham was pre-cooked, all I had to do was reheat it.  You’ll want to take the internal temperature of the ham to between 140 and 145 degrees.  For me, my cook time was an hour and a half total.  Your mileage may vary depending on the size of the ham and the temperature at which you’re cooking.  If you’re cooking in the 275 degree range, estimate cook time at 15-20 minutes per pound.  Higher temperatures (such as the 325 degree range) drop the cook time to about 12 minutes per pound.

With every spiral sliced ham comes that little magical packet of glaze.  It’s nothing more than brown sugar and other additives to thicken it when cooked in hot water.  You can choose to pitch it and make your own glaze (as most people do).  For this cook, I used 1/3 of the packet of glaze mix and blend it with 2 cups of Swamp Boys Sauce that I then heated in the microwave.  This gave the sauce (which is an excellent sauce, by the way) a different sweet element that suited the ham.

The first glazing occurred 30 minutes prior to the cook being done.  When glazing, I made sure to get some of it in between the spiral cuts.  It was a beautiful sight — a red color that looked absolutely amazing!

I applied the final glaze fifteen minutes prior to removing the ham from the grill.  After a bit of a rest, the ham was ready to eat!

For my first attempt at a double smoked ham, I was very pleased!  The only thing I would do differently would be to periodically rotate the ham so that one side isn’t closest to the heat for the duration of the cook.  Other than that, I would totally cook this again!!

A double-smoked ham is a great and easy way to amp up that spiral sliced ham to a whole new level.  Preparation is very easy, and the results are awesome!  Hope you enjoyed reading!

(NOTE: The Weber Jumbo Joe was provided to me by David Somerville of as part of a promotional agreement.  This blog post is a sponsored post as part of that arrangement.  Amazon links on here are referral links that help support the blog.)

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