Five for Friday: January 15, 2016 Edition

We’re almost halfway through the month of January.  And it’s payday for me too, so it’s naturally a great day!  But here are five things you may be interested in reading to add some BBQ and grilling sunshine to your dreary winter days:

ThermoWorks is in the middle of two-week sale on their ThermoPop.  It normally costs $29, but it can be purchased for $21.  (NOTE: The link is an affiliate link.  Purchases made through that link will go to support this blog.)

There’s yet-another-top-10-BBQ-joints-in-America list out.  And to no surprise, the list has a lot of the usual suspects.  A nice shout-out to the folks at Henry’s Smokehouse in Greenville, SC for making the list.

Sonny’s BBQ has been going through a major overhaul to their recipes, images, etc.  But this isn’t the kind of publicity that they want… Do note that because this particular location is run by a franchisee, they are handling the complaints according to a spokesperson for Sonny’s.

It pays off to be a BBQ fan.  Walk in for BBQ sauce and walk out with a $1 million dollar winning lottery ticket?  YES SIR!!

Oh yeah, and in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the reaction when Korean women try American BBQ.


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