Five for Friday: Gadgets and Scratch-Offs and News Galore

Happy Friday, everyone! We have been parked in Ennis, MT since the beginning of August.  I’m firmly convinced this is God’s country out here.

It seems like August came and went in the blink of an eye, and now September is settling in. But that doesn’t stop the world of BBQ and grilling. Here’s some tidbits that you may be interested in reading:

  • NPR finally gets on the Franklin Barbecue bandwagon and writes an interesting piece about the entrepreneurship that has arisen following the rapid ascent of the BBQ joint’s popularity.
  • BBQ-scented scratch-off lottery tickets?  Only in North Carolina
  • Robert Moss lists his 15 most historically influential people when it comes to barbecue.  Compare this with the list Fox News published of the most influential barbecue pitmasters and personalities in America, and let me know if you find any big differences.
  • The American Royal BBQ Sauce contest is accepting entries.  Last year, 37 states and 2 Canadian provinces were represented.  Montana, time to step your game up and send one in!
  • And finally, just in case you haven’t been on the Internet at all, ThermoWorks released an update to the Thermapen line of products called the Thermapen MK4.  I’m working on getting one for review.  The MK4 is listed at $99, while the Classic Thermapen model is now listed at $79.

Let me know if there’s anything super awesome that I missed this week!!

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