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Hello, everyone!  Normally this is the time of year where I’m working my grilling mojo (or trying to, in some cases).  However, this year is definitely not like most.  I’ll tell you why soon enough, but first… a little bit of what’s been going on here.

On the Food Front

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent bottles of Carolina Pig Polish BBQ Sauce as well as a tin of Carolina Pig & Poultry Rub to review from Robin’s Specialty Sauces. So with a bit of elusive free time, I decided to put it to good use both on some poultry and some pig (in the form of pork chops).

The rub is a sweeter rub with a pleasant flavor and nice color.  Because it is a sweeter rub, you’ll want to be cautious about using too much on meats grilled over direct high heat (due to sugars caramelizing).  The only complaint I had about the rub was that it was a bit difficult to get out of the tin at times due to the rub being packed down.  And if you’re someone who likes to use both hands in meat prep, I definitely suggest getting a shaker to hold this seasoning.

The sauce caught me off-guard — I was not having it to have quite the bite that it did.  I’m not saying that it is an unpleasant flavor, but I am saying I was expecting it to be a bit sweeter.  The sauces (both the original and the hot flavor, which I did not try) are all natural and contain no High Fructose Corn Syrup, instead opting to use sorghum syrup and cane molasses as the primary sweetening ingredients.  It is a thinner sauce, so don’t expect anything thick and gloopy coming out of the bottle.

But enough of talking about it, I’ll let the results speak for themselves:

The combination of rub and sauce gave the chicken a beautiful color!  I experienced similar results when using the products together on some thick cut pork rib loin chops.

On My Bookshelf

I love it when friends get ahead in the world.  So I was thrilled when I learned that my friend and pitmaster Christopher Prieto of PRIME BBQ published a book in conjunction with Southern Living magazine called “Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ”.

Chris’ passion for BBQ really shows in this book.  The photography is absolutely outstanding — it’s as if you can almost reach out and grab a bite.  While the book is packed full of recipes and golden nuggets of information, there were two elements of the entire book that I really enjoyed above the rest:

  • Scattered throughout the book were “BBQ&A” snippets from well-known pitmasters that covered a wide range of topics that the backyard cook will inevitably run into during his/her BBQ adventures.
  • Not only were there recipes for different items, but the larger BBQ meats (brisket, ribs, etc.) included step-by-step instructions (along with detailed photos) for preparation of the meat in question.

I definitely recommend buying this book and putting it on your shelf!  It’s available on Amazon as well as other book sellers.

Back in the Kitchen

In the past, I have reviewed the line of Country Chef grilling sauces.  Last year, Mike Espey from Country Chef gave me jars of his two newer sauces — Chipotle and Jalapeno.

While I have enjoyed all of his sauces, his Jalapeno sauce is one of the more unique sauces.  Its green color suggests a bit of a sour flavor, but that could not be farther from reality.  It’s a slightly sweet flavor with a nice punch of heat.  I’ve used this on multiple meats as a finishing sauce, and it has worked well (especially on fish).

A few nights ago, I was trying to kick up some grilled pork tenderloin.  I came across the Jalapeno grilling sauce in the refrigerator, and I decided to use it as the base ingredient for a pseudo-vinaigrette.  I combined one-half cup of the jalapeno grilling sauce with one-quarter cup of white vinegar, two tablespoons of yellow mustard, and some coarse ground black pepper to come up with a tasty drizzle to accompany the grilled pork tenderloin.

Mmmmmmm!  Delicious!

More Cooking, Eh!

While working to clear out our freezer, I came across a 5 lb. peameal bacon roast sent to me by the folks at Real Canadian Bacon (their product is great).  While it’s hard for me to fathom cooking a 5 lb. roast, it’s not inconceivable for me to cook two 2-1/2 lb. roasts.  So after splitting it in half (and vacuum-sealing the other half to go back in the freezer), I thawed out one of the halves in the refrigerator.  Once thawed, the peameal roast got a very light dusting of Zero to Hero Sweet Rub from EAT Barbecue and went into a cast-iron skillet on the Big Green Egg at 400 degrees (with the plate setter in place).  After an hour on the grill, I glazed it with a sweet glaze consisting of maple syrup, mustard, pepper jelly, and black pepper.  I reapplied the glaze 15 minutes later, and again 10 minutes following that.  The skillet came off the smoker after an hour and a half of cook time, and the meat got a 10 minute rest before slicing into thin slices.

Before I forget, the recipe for the peameal roast glaze is below (combine all ingredients thoroughly):

  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp. El Diablo Chipotle mustard
  • 1 tbsp. fruit pepper jelly (I used peach habanero pepper jelly from Texas Pepper Jelly)
  • 1 tsp. coarse ground black pepper (my favorite is from Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q)

So What’s the Fuss About?

In life, sometimes an opportunity comes about that you just have to take.  My wife and I have been talking about it for years, but we have finally decided to leave North Carolina.  Our ultimate destination: Montana.

But instead of moving there right away, we are going to save up our money to buy property and build the home that we want.  As a result, we’re going to live in our camper!

I’m looking forward to this adventure (and, of course, all the outdoor cooking).  Our Big Green Egg will have to stay behind in North Carolina until we get permanently settled (unless someone wants to sponsor me with a Big Green Egg Mini MAX while traveling — anyone?? ), so cooking adventures will be over wood fire and in the camp grill.

But Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog will go on!  And you can help it go on — just click on the link below and do your shopping on Amazon.  Proceeds from your shopping experience will help pay for the infrastructure it takes to run the site.

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