BBQ Nachos, Plus Some Product Reviews


BBQ nachos are my weakness.  It combines two of my favorite foods into a culinary mashup that makes my taste buds jump for joy!  Salty… savory… spicy… sweet…  this food hits on all flavor notes!  It’s a great way to use up any leftover pulled pork that you may have from a cook.  In fact, it works really well for brisket and chicken as well!  It’s a perfect party food – your guests can tailor their nachos however they like.  For instance, my wife will put salsa and sour cream on hers.  I personally think both are an abomination on BBQ nachos, but I’ll throw on some jalapeno peppers and call it good.

The weather turned out to be unseasonably warm for the beginning of February, so I took advantage of it.  Not that a colder day would have automatically canceled the cook, but it sure makes it a lot easier when the weather is good.  Plus I had the chance to try out a couple of products that I’ve been meaning to do reviews for.

Rufus Teague Touch o’ Heat BBQ Sauce


Rufus Teague Touch o’ Heat is a sauce I’ve been using quite a bit over the last 3-4 months.  The guys from Hot Grill on Grill Action introduced me to John McCone (the man behind Rufus Teague) at the American Royal in 2013, and John was awesome enough to send me some sauce to try out.  I’ve been enjoying this for quite a while now – it has a thick consistency and a sweet, smoky flavor profile with (as the name suggests), just a touch of heat.  The heat does diminish some when cooked on a product, and the sauce thins out a little bit when warmed up.  This is a sauce both my wife and I have enjoyed (and she’s a hard one to please when it comes to BBQ sauce).

Quick tip: to minimize the brush stroke texture when applying sauce with a brush, make sure to warm up your sauce prior to applying it to the meat.  I made sure to grab some pictures of how I’ve used the sauce previously.



You may be able to find Rufus Teague sauces in your local grocery store.  I have seen them in World Market and Harris Teeter recently, so check around.

Mr. Grill Heat Resistant Gloves


I was asked by Rizzi at Mr. Grill to review the Mr. Grill heat resistant gloves.  With holiday travel and work keeping me busy, I had not had the opportunity to use these gloves until recently.  Overall I was pleased with how the gloves performed.  The gloves are lined with a Nomex® lining, creating a heat barrier that withstands heat up to 450 degrees.  I was able to comfortably handle the pork butt while on the smoker as well as maneuver the smoker out of the way once I was finished with the cook.  The only drawback for me was the fit of the gloves.  The one-size-fits-most gloves were slightly tight around my fingers as well as a little too long in finger length.  But then again, I have short, fat fingers.  So your results may vary. 

Currently the gloves are selling on Amazon for $39.95 + shipping for a 2-pack.  A bit steep price-wise, honestly. 

So what did you cook for the Super Bowl?

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