Review – Frank’s Freedom Sauce

Freedom Sauce Label


Frank Schmer is know in the St. Louis, MO area for several things.  He’s a purveyor of quality bbq grills, he organizes the largest bbq competition in St Louis known as The Wildwood BBQ Bash and he’s President of the St. Louis BBQ Society.  Soon, he’ll be known for one other thing…his own bbq sauce called Frank’s Freedom Sauce!

Packaging:  Smart labeling.  Quite a change from the normal plethora of pigs, cows and smoke that usually adorn bbq sauce labels.  A large peace sign is bracketed on top by the sauce’s name and on the bottom by the description.  In the background, smaller peace signs seem to be coming out of an explosion.  It makes one wonder if this is a precursor to an explosion of flavor within the bottle.  We’ll see.  I personally love the mason jar style packaging…it gives on the feel this is a hand crafted, homemade product.

Consistency: Thick…almost like a thin applesauce.  Chunks of apple, cherry and other tasty bits of goodness and be seen.  While it’s a slightly too coarse, the chunks mean flavor…and lot’s of it.  Note…I’ve heard the next version will be more emulsified for a smoother viscosity.  

Straight From The Jar: As expected, HUGE raw flavor explodes in your mouth.  It’s sweet with a good hit of apple and cherry with a slight finish of peppery, smokey goodness.

Pork Chop2
Freedom Sauce on pork chops.

The Meat of the Matter: I tried Frank’s Freedom Sauce on pork chops, chicken wings and even competition style chicken thighs.   The fruitiness of the sauce paired well with the pork and created a great shine when cooked on.  While I think this sauce was made for pork I tried it on chicken too.  WOW!  We have a winner!  I cooked some wings at home and liked it so much I tried my luck using Frank’s Freedom Sauce at a local bbq competition….we took 4th place.

Comp Chicken
Competition Style Chicken Thighs.

Overall Impression: Frank has one heck of a sauce on his hands.  It’s everything you would want in a St. Louis/KC style, thick and sweet sauce.  Whether your are a competition cook looking for a sauce that’s different but still has some familiar flavors or you’re cooking up chicken legs for the family on a Sunday afternoon, Frank’s Freedom Sauce will enhance any grilled meat.

Check out Freedom Sauce for yourself!


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