“Pork-en For Dinner” – BBQ Pitmasters Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

bbq pitmasters s4e2

Continuing off of last week’s episode filmed in Pensacola, FL, BBQ Pitmasters continued the preliminary rounds this week.  This episode was filmed in Mobile, AL at the Hog Wild Festival.  The format remains the same as last week’s episode.

(NOTE: If you haven’t seen the episode, don’t read any further unless you want to know the results.)

Episode Synopsis

Contestants for this episode:

  • Nacho Mama from El Paso, TX (Pitmaster is Sara Horowitz)
  • Barrel House BBQ from Lynchburg, TN (Pitmaster is Chuck Baker)
  • Team Bibs from Winston-Salem, NC (Pitmaster is Mark “Pig Daddy” Little)

For this episode, the teams had to cook whole pork shoulder and whole chicken.  For the chicken entry, both white meat and dark meat had to be turned in.  The guest judge for this episode was Chris Lilly, Pitmaster of Big Bob Gibson BBQ.  The episode gave insight into the cookers used, techniques employed, and rubs/sauces used as part of the turn-in creation process – again, a familiar format to last week’s and last season’s episodes.

During the judging segment, each of the team’s entries had some positives and some negatives, and this episode shaped up to be a two-team race between Sara Horowitz of Nacho Mama and Pig Daddy of Team Bibs.  In the end, Pig Daddy edged out Sara to claim the top place on this episode and move on to the semi-final round.  Chuck Baker from Barrel House BBQ was a distant 3rd.

My Thoughts, Plus a Drink Count

I’ll summarize my thoughts about this episode in a bullet list style format:

  • It was very interesting to see a cinder block pit on this episode.
  • Chef Sara Horowitz may have one of the best on-air personalities I’ve seen in quite some time.
  • There was surprisingly very little (if any) trash talking going on between the contestants.
  • The chemistry between the judges was much better – they all seemed in sync with standards.  However, there was very little verbal sparring between Myron and Tuffy this time around.
  • I never would’ve thought to use mayonnaise as an adherent for chicken.
  • Barrel House BBQ seemed a bit out of their element today, although we all know how a show can be edited to portray a team…

The drink count for this episode was significantly lower than last week’s episode – I counted a total of 29 drinks broken down as follows:

  • Trashed Entry – 1 drink
  • Injections/Flavor Profiles – 6 drinks
  • Trash Talking – 2 drinks
  • Butter/Squeeze Butter – 2 drinks
  • “That’s Me” (Team identifying themselves in The Pit) – 18 drinks

All in all, I thought this was a good episode.  What did you think about it?

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