Review: Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ Rubs


I love to buy local products when possible especially bbq related items.  It doesn’t get any more local for me than Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ Rubs which are made right in my backyard here in St Louis MO.  Created by a couple of competition bbq cooks, Dave Burchardt (Smokin’ Dave) and Matt Dieckhaus, these rubs offer up a little something for every palette.

Dave and Matt used their trio of rubs at bbq competitions in the St Louis area.  After having quite a bit of success, they decided to package their products making them available to everyone.

The trio…Salt Steak Seasoning, Gourmet Rub (Sweet & Zesty) and Gourmet Rub (Original).

Salt Steak Seasoning – Bursting with salty, savory flavor that will enhance not just steak but any hearty meat such as brisket or beef ribs. I liked this on so much I even tried it on veggies..and it works!

Gourmet Rub (Sweet & Zesty) – What appears to be a salt and paprika base enhanced with chili powder and rounded out with herbs and other spices. There is a nice sweetness and a slight kick on the back end. This would be good on pretty much anything that needs a little boost…chicken, pork or maybe salmon.

Gourmet Rub (Original) – A good, quality, all-around rub that is neither too sweet nor too spicy.  Little green bits of herbs are visible disbursed throughout.  This just looks darn good!

While all three rubs are excellent, my favorite of the trio was Salt Steak Seasoning. I tried it on burgers, steaks and even popcorn! It enhanced the flavor of everything it touched without overpowering the primary flavor profiles.


Check out Dave and Matt’s website and get yourself a bottle.