BBQ Judges Roundtable TONIGHT!

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a Certified BBQ Judge?  Come join me tonight on the BBQ Central Show and find out!

I’ll be making my debut on the show as part of the first BBQ Judges Roundtable.  I’ll be joined by BJ Hoffman and Brian Polak as we talk about all things judging.  From flavor profiles and garnish to those blasted coolers, it’s no holds barred as show host Greg Rempe looks to get inside our minds and figure out just what makes us tick!

The show starts tonight at 9:00pm EST, with the round table discussion starting at approximately 9:14pm EST.  You can tune in by going to and click on any of the links under “Listen Now! Live Streaming”.  You can also join a live streaming video version of the show (along with online chat) by going to

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