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Before embarking on my current trip to Montana for work, I thought of the state as pretty much BBQ barren.  I’m proud to say that I’m wrong.  On my way back to Bozeman from the Little Bighorn Battle Site, I made a stop in Billings at Blue’s BBQ after consulting Yelp.  A lot of times, the reviews on there can be hit or miss, so it was a bit of a risk.  Nothing would ruin my 2 hour trip back than some terrible BBQ.  But don’t let its modest location within a gas station fool you… it’s got some serious food!

2013-01-19 14.22.37

The décor of the restaurant on the inside is very simple – some booths and tables.  Not a lot of decorations or theming, but that’s no problem.  The food is the star here.

One of their exterior windows touts world famous ribs, so I decided to try the ribs.  After taking a look at the menu, I ended up going with a large rib & brisket combo (4 ribs and 4 oz of brisket) with spicy pit beans and cole slaw as my sides.  For the price of $13.25, it was a steal (especially with no sales tax in Montana)! 

2013-01-19 14.29.16

I was really really impressed with the brisket!  It had the perfect amount of moisture, tenderness, smokiness, and flavor. 

2013-01-19 14.29.23

The ribs were baby back ribs.  A lot of the top surface was gone when I went to slice my ribs to eat.  However, the tenderness was there, and the taste was spot on! 

2013-01-19 14.35.41

The whole racks of ribs sure did look tasty though…

2013-01-19 14.49.10

The cole slaw was everything you expect out of a mayonnaise-based cole slaw.  No real surprises here.  I was a little bit disappointed in the pit beans though… while they had good flavor and a little bit of a sweet touch, I did get a very large piece of meat in there (the beans had sausage and ham) that was extremely gristly and unchewable. 

2013-01-19 14.29.28

2013-01-19 14.29.32

I chatted up with the workers, complementing them on the taste of the brisket & ribs. I was able to get some samples of most of their other meats as well.  Below is a picture of some of their sausage and turkey.  I also got to try the ham, but I ate it before getting a picture.  The ham and sausage were absolutely delicious!  The turkey was also flavorful but just a touch dry. 

2013-01-19 14.52.52

I also had the following conversation there:

Me: “You guys do burnt ends?”
Staff: “Yep. You want some?”
Me: “Sure! How much?”
Staff: “For nothing… we usually throw ’em out or feed ’em to the dogs.”

The below video was my response.


They weren’t competition burnt ends by any stretch of the imagination… there were some very done parts, and there were some very delicious pieces!  It made for good eating while on my way back to Bozeman.

2013-01-19 14.51.08

So if you happen to be nearby to Billings, it’s worth making the stop in to chow down on some brisket & ribs!

Address: 523 Hilltop Rd., Billings, MT 59105

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