Smokin’ Skullie’s “Just Leave the Bones” BBQ Sauce

One thing I’ve learned about BBQ is that you meet people fast.  Everybody that you meet either knows somebody or knows a person that knows somebody.  Connections are a wonderful thing!  One of the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the competition circuit is Jerry from Redneck Scientific.  I have him to thank for getting me connected to the guy who makes the sauce that is the topic of this review – Smokin’ Skullies “Just Leave the Bones” BBQ Sauce.

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The Story

The sauce is the brainchild of Brian Corbett of Smokin’ Skullies BBQ team based out of Goldsboro, NC.  The team has competed on both the KCBS circuit and the NC Pork Council circuit, and the sauce came about due to the team’s passion for offering the best product that they could offer. 

The Sauce

Sorry, everyone… I did not get a list of ingredients in the sauce before I went on the road for work.  As soon as I get back home, I will post the ingredient list.  But needless to say, the sauce pours out thinner than a traditional BBQ sauce. It has a nice mahogany color, and you can see some of the spices dispersed throughout the sauce.  A taste reveals a balance of tangy and sweet with a touch of spice.  This has the makings to be a very versatile sauce.

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The Results

I decided to use this sauce in a couple of different ways – as a condiment, as a cooking sauce, and as a finishing sauce. 

For the condiment portion of this testing, I went to the Mint Hill location of Rock Store Bar-B-Q and picked up a plain BBQ sandwich.  When I used the Smokin’ Skullies sauce as a condiment, I found that it gave a nice tangy and sweet flavor to the pork.  It also sat well on top of the meat and did not completely get absorbed by the pork.


For the finishing sauce portion of testing, I went to my tried and true canvas – pork chops.

2013-01-06 18.25.52

What I really like about using this sauce as a finishing sauce is that the flavor profile changes from a tangy & sweet sauce to more of a sweet sauce.  Sweet lovers will rejoice in this fact.  The sauce thickens up nicely when cooked too. 

Finally, I used the sauce as a cooking sauce.  I mixed the sauce in with some chopped pork that I had previously cooked and put away in the freezer.  It gave the pork a darker color and a little more of a sweet flavor too.  The sauce didn’t overpower the pork, and I could still taste meat – the sauce acted as a very good complement.

2013-01-11 12.31.07

This sauce is a very versatile and tasty sauce!  Whether you use it as a finishing sauce, condiment, or cooking sauce, you’re sure to be pleased with it.  The sauce is available for purchase from the website.  They also have a Facebook presence.  Go give ‘em a like and let ‘em know that Big Wayner sent you!


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