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With the Christmas season arriving, people are always asking for the best BBQ and grilling gift ideas.  But what is on our BBQ & grilling Christmas list?  I asked a few of my closest friends to chime in with what is on their list, and they were more than happy to chime in.  First up are Brian & Marilyn Meagher from Hot Sauce Daily!

(Picture courtesy of Hot Sauce Daily website)

At we are as much about grilling and smoking, as we are about hot sauces and BBQ sauces.

Here are our top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas for the BBQ/Griller in your life.

1. Sauce: Since we are Marylanders, one of our favorite BBQ sauces from a local manufacturer would be any sauce from Doomer’s BBQ. Doomer’s has an “Original”, a “Dark” and a “Hot and Spicy” version of their sauces. And they all rock!

2. Rubs: We have had great success with the flavors and taste of Big Butz BBQ Sauce rubs. High quality rubs, seasonings (and even BBQ sauces), you will love their rubs!

(Picture courtesy of Big Butz BBQ Sauce website)

3. Wood Chunks: We highly recommend any MojoBricks product. These smoking chunks produce amazing and consistent results. For the griller, get the Miniqubes, for the smoker get the Mojoqubes, for the competition cook, get the bigger Mojobricks.

(Picture courtesy of MojoBricks website)

Happy Holidays from Brian & Marilyn at !

Want to chime in with what’s on your Christmas list?  Leave me a comment or below or send me an email at [email protected].  Happy Holidays!!

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