Review: 5 -0 Rub from Code 3 Spices

5 – 0 Rub aka “The Police Rub”


The first bbq rub I’ll review in the Code 3 line is called 5 – 0 Rub.  This spice mix is the ‘middle of the road’ entry in the trio of new-to-the-market rubs created by Mike Radosevich and Chris Bohnemeier.

Label: Nice, crisp label.  A strong pig wearing a police uniform while holding a bbq fork framed in flames pops from the clean, white background.  I can barely see the ‘award winning’ verbiage…this might need to be moved or perhaps the font/color changes.  Overall, one of my favorite labels.

5 – 0 sprinkled on a pork chop.

Taste From The Bottle: Initially, sweet and salty with a touch of cumin and chili powder.  After a few seconds, the heat creeps in.  Whoa!  This has quite a bit of heat on the back-end!  I like the range of flavors.  The texture isn’t powdery…it’s a little more granular.

Taste On Meat: I tried this on chicken legs, pork chops and steak.  Of these quick-cooking meats, it worked best on chicken.  The texture didn’t quite break-down during the quick-cooks.  But how would it taste on a longer cooking meat?  Let’s fire up a fatty eh?


Taste on Meat 2:  Hello!  I think we have a winner!  The texture broke-down to form a beautiful, tasty bark on the longer-cooking fatty.  The sugar and salt melted  while the chili flavors mellowed to form an amazingly delicius crust.  OK, I can see why these guys have won awards with this rub.

Overall Impressions: I was very happy with this rub.  Initially, it was a little spicy but mixed with a little smoke and a little fire, it transformed into a wonderfully flavorful seasoning.  If you are looking for a good, overall rub, buying Code 3 Spices 5 – 0 Rub is an excellent choice.   Given that at least 10% of each sale goes towards organizations that support police, fire, medical and military personnel, I strongly suggest visiting their website and making a purchase.

Big AL