Review: Code 3 Spices, Inc

The Code 3 Lineup

I love to get packages in the mail!  Big or small, they are all good (as long as they aren’t a summons or a bill).  But when I received a large envelope in the mail last week from Code 3 Spices, Inc I was especially excited because I knew what was inside…bbq rub for me to review!!  And not just one but three new to the market rubs!  Today is a good day!

 Background: Code 3 Spices, Inc was created by two bbq enthusiasts…Chris Bohnemeier and Mike Radosevich…pitmasters of the award winning Smoke n’ Sirens BBQ Team.  Set on placing their unique stamp on the competition bbq world, Chris and Mike created their own line rubs.  Mike is a police officer in the St Louis metro area and Chris has multiple family members employed in the law enforcement field.   The boys used this common thread as a conduit to name their rubs…Backdraft Rub, 5-0 Rub and Rescue Rub.  The best part…at least 10% of all sales go towards organizations that support police, fire, medical and military personnel.  

Inside the bottle…nice color!


Since there are three rubs in the line, I’ll review each independently in future posts.  For now, I’ll give a rundown of my review process.

Three rubs?  To keep the world in balance, why not try them all on three meats!  Pork chops, chicken drumsticks and strip steak.  Not exactly the four competition meats but still representative of the pork, chicken and beef categories.

The three test meats. Someone was hungry eh?


As Ron Caron would say, the meat is on the burner.

Each rub has a different flavor profile…

Rescue Rub – A little sweet, with a touch of heat

5 – 0 Rub – Middle of the road with a little more heat

Backdraft Rub – For those who like a little more heat

Normally I test products myself but this time I employed some discriminating helpers…my wife and 3 year old boy.  Sometimes, as parents, we have to get creative to get kids to eat, even when it’s bbq.

Open face salad/burrito. The kids gobbled this up.

The boys at Code 3 Spices, Inc will start selling their rubs this coming Friday, November 23rd.  For information on their rubs, please go to their Facebook page  I think you’ll be happy you did so!

Big AL

Canadian Bakin’ BBQ Tam

Next up: 5 – 0 Rub