Review: Purple Pork Masters BBQ Sauce

I’m forever scanning bbq forums and surfing the internet for the latest and greatest in bbq.   Recently, during a lengthy lurking session on one of those forums, I came across a sauce called Purple Pork Masters Competition Grade Barbecue Sauce.  I just had to give this sauce a try!

Label: A yellow pig sits atop a purple tie-dye background.  The surrounding lable is white with purple lettering.  Simple, bright and appealing.  The pig sure looks happy…what has he been doing

Smell Test:  The pungent scent of vinegar gives way to a smokey, deep bouquet.


Viscosity Test: More on the thin side than thick, yet in clings to the plate rather well.

Straight From The Bottle: Tastes similar to the smell.  Vinegary initial hit followed by a deep, smokey flavor…perhaps molasses?  The finish has a nice little bite without being overly spicy.  Very balanced.


On Some Chicken: Clings nicely to a little yardbird which I rubbed down with a little Drapers AP, then glazed with Purple Pork Masters during the last 10 minutes of cooking.  The vinegary and smokey flavors are tempered a bit while the tomato flavor shines through.  Very good!


On Some Pulled Pork:  I had a little leftover from last weekend’s comp practice so I thought I’d give it a go.  WOW!!!  The vinegar cut the fattiness of the pork very well, while the smokey, slightly spicy finish rounded out the flavor profile.  This is AMAZING on pork!!!!


Summary:  While good on chicken this sauce was made for pork.  The next time you’re in the market for a pork sauce, this is one sauce you do not want to pass up!!