Review: American Patriot Beer

Normally, I do reviews on bbq products…sauces, rubs, injections, etc. Today, my review is about something just as close to my heart as bbq…BEER! Specifically, my review covers a new lager product on the market named American Patriot Beer!

John Beal, a familiar name to us who live near St Louis, MO, was already a successful roofing business owner. He and a group of friends decided they were tired if seeing American businesses being acquired by foreign entities. This included the great beer maker and St Louis icon Anheuser-Busch, recently taken over by Inbev., a Belgian company. John Beal and his friends decided to make their own bear….a St Louis made beer….an American Patriot Beer!

Type: This is a lager style beer that comes in regular and light forms.  Today, I reviewed the light form.

Label: Patriotic red, white and blue with a little silver thrown in. It reminds me a lot of the New England Patriots football team colors. While this stirs up bad memories of Superbowl 36, the packaging looks stellar.

Color: Amber and bubbly. Very classic of a lager.

Taste: Light and refreshing but not without taste like some other light beers. It’s got a little hoppy note without being overly bitter. Very balanced.

Overall, this is a great beer. Balanced, refreshing without being watery, a little hoppy and a little malty with no bitter aftertaste. I can see this product growing quickly in the St Louis market and beyond. If you are in or visiting the St Louis area, this lager is worth a try.  As a plus, the light version only has 102 calories!

Note…I can’t help but compare this product to one I’ve been drinking since I was 21…Bud Light and more recently Bud Select.  I have to say that while similar, American Patriot Light is superior to Bud Light in taste because…well…it just has more of it.  I think the little extra hoppy/malty note just puts this over the top.