BBQ Pitmasters In Their Own Words: C-Dub’s Corruption BBQ Crew

I have to say that I enjoyed Season 3 of BBQ Pitmasters far more than Season 2.  I hope you all were able to watch and participate in the Unofficially Official BBQ Pitmasters Drinking Game.  While I was lucky enough to attend the season finale filming in Lexington, NC, it’s still an outsider’s perspective.  People really want to know this one question: “What was it like being on BBQ Pitmasters?”  Luckily, I’ve found some people willing to share their story.

This is the first of what is hopefully a multi-post series on the experiences of BBQ Pitmasters contestants.  Today’s post is from Charles and Alli Wilson of C-Dub’s Corruption BBQ Crew.  You may know them better as the purveyors of C-Dub’s BBQ Rub.  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.  Even though their episode may not have gone like they had hoped, I’m proud to call them friends.  So without further delay, here’s C-Dub’s Corruption Crew talking about BBQ Pitmasters, in their own words…


This started just like another day… we saw a posting on Facebook that BBQ Pitmasters was doing a BBQ Pitmasters 3. On a whim, we quickly put together an audition tape and sent it in, thinking they would not chose some rookies from the Northwest.

Submission video

Like the rest of the people who submitted a video we waited…..

Alli got the call, I was at work. Alli was surprised and she asked a couple of times if they really meant we were chosen… she was worried all day they would call back and say there was a mistake. So she waited until I got home before she told me.

We were already committed to the ACM BBQ Throwdown in Las Vegas and ended up being chosen to film at the Smoke on the Water BBQ & Bluegrass Festival in Thomaston, Georgia the weekend after. It was spring break so the kids came with us. We went down to Vegas to compete in our first KCBS competition and spent the week there. We then started our journey to Georgia. Since Alli is so vocal on Facebook, we had to make sure we had a plan of attack so no one would know where we were headed, so we decided to let people think we were doing a spontaneous Spring Break Road Trip to NC to visit Family.

We drove up to 20 hours a day trying to get to North Carolina to drop the kids off at Nana’s so we could film in peace. By the time we hit Arkansas, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for a well deserved sit down meal. Alli and the girls had not been to a Cracker Barrel before so this was a treat to them.  As we finished up, the sky all of a sudden turned black and I knew it was time to bail. Alli and the girls were so busy trying to shop that I had to come inside and tell them the urgency of leaving now as a wicked storm was about to hit! Especially since we had a 2800 pound lightning rod attached to the truck! As we got on the highway, thunder rumbled and lightening crashed around us. The girls were hysterical and were crying and just as we could see light outside the storm lightening crashed ahead of us on the highway making the girls scream. It was their first Southern Storm.


The next day after the storm, Alli couldn’t stay awake while driving so we pulled over, glad we did cause our trailer had a rear tire that was about to blow if we had kept driving. Knowing Alli would have been driving if we had blown the trailer tire, it would have been a major wreck. We had to find a place to fix it and it ended up needing the alignment adjusted as well. The kids slept through it all! After 2 hours…we were ready to continue our journey.

It was a challenging drive and in between children fighting, sleepless nights we made it to drop the kids off in Kings Mountain, NC.  Of course there was a major car accident that closed the only way into my Momma’s house so we had to follow someone through South Carolina to get into NC a back way! Ugh!  Driving in the dark in the country… not fun!


This last leg of the journey had us turn off the location on our Facebook page so no one could see where we were any more. This part of the drive was a bit of an adrenaline rush! Thinking of who we were going to cook against and more importantly WHAT we were going to cook. We arrived in Thomaston Thursday afternoon and were excited to get started. We checked in and hung out. Had our first night of sleep (kinda) and were anxious to go to the morning meeting where we would be meeting everyone for the first time. Friday morning came fast, and as we sat in the lobby of the hotel, who walks in but none other than Johnny Trigg. I got all excited and jumped up to say hi and introduce myself to Mr. Trigg. Next walked in Chris Hart and Andy Husbands of Wicked Good BBQ. Imagine our surprise to see them, we had cooked against them at the Jack Daniels BBQ Comp in a version of “Chopped”.

We went over the rules, signed more papers and had a chance to run around and shop if we needed to. So many things ran through our head, making sure we had all of our ingredients in order. 2 things believe it or not we could not get in our stops; good parsley and our lump coal. Since we were on a time crunch to get to GA we could not leisurely stop and shop; our mistake was waiting to get down there to shop.

That night we went to hotel and started Googling some items to refresh our memory on cooking some random items in case we go those meats. Would you believe Alli was typing Pork Belly and kept falling asleep as she was typing so I told her to just get some sleep! Oooooops… who knew that would be one of the meats we cooked!

Next day we were up bright and early ready to cook. It was Hot and Sunny… we cook in the cold and rain! Imagine that a nice day to cook in!!! We opened the cooler and saw the meats! Who knew we would be cooking pork belly and turkey.  We are confident in our flavors so we weren’t too worried about that, but undercooked meat… didn’t expect that.

A little disappointed we disqualified ourselves by not putting in the dark meat, but it is what it is. We wouldn’t serve undercooked meat to anyone so that was our decision was. So it really didn’t matter if we cooked the pork well or not, it no longer counted. With that said; Aaron said he did like our Pork Belly but that was not shown on the show! Lol. Oh well what can you do!

We appreciated the opportunity to cook with some great people and to be on T.V. We are rookies and new to the competition world. Sad part of the trip, all pictures were taken on Alli’s phone and it died so we have NO pictures other than what we posted to FB on trip. : (

Of course we were tired and it ended in a good little nap!


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Big Wayner is the mad brains behind Big Wayner's BBQ Blog.A full-time RVer, he enjoys sharing his passion for all things BBQ with anyone and everyone he meets.

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Big Wayner is the mad brains behind Big Wayner's BBQ Blog. A full-time RVer, he enjoys sharing his passion for all things BBQ with anyone and everyone he meets.