Review: Plowboys Sweet 180 Barbeque Sauce

The Pork Pullin’ Plowboys are a big, big name in the world of competition barbecue. After winning The American Royal Invitational in 2009 they used the notoriety to market a line of rubs under their team name. Plowboys Yardbird has been a staple of competition and backyard bbq chefs alike since it’s inception. Now, The Plowboys have come out with a competition bbq sauce to complement their award winning rub….Plowboys Sweet 180 Barbeque Sauce. Being a fan of their rubs, I can’t wait to try this one!

Label: Classy, flat black background with blue flames creating a shield fram the patented pig driving a plow adorns the front.  I like how they worked 180 (a perfect score in the KCBS system) into the name.  Really nice!

First Impression: Nice, thick sauce.  Clingy without being clumpy.  It tastes sweet with a dark background.  Not spicy, this sauce still has quite a bit of flavor.  Let’s put this on some meat!

I made some competition style chicken thighs and dunked each thigh in the 180 sauce.


Nice cling and beautiful, mahogany color.  Black pepper and other spices are evident in the final product.

Taste: the cooked-on product is fantastic.  Rich, sweet and as the label says, sassy.  The low heat level should appeal to the masses if using it in the backyard yet the sauce maintains it’s edge that should score well with competition judges.

Final Thought: This might just be the next big commercial sauce on the bbq circuit.  I know I’ll be using this as part of my next competition!!

Big Al

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