Taking the Meatrakes for a Spin (and a Rake)

Have you come across a tool or gadget that made you wish you would have gotten your hands on sooner?  Today’s review is of one of those products.  Let’s check out The Meatrakes.  A big thanks to Chris Johnson (aka Spyder J) for sending me these to use.

2012-07-09 21.32.22 HDR


  • Length: 8 1/2” long from tip of handle to combs
  • # of Combs per Rake: 8
  • Comb Length: 1 1/2” long
  • Comb Material: Professional Grade 304 Stainless Steel (if you want to know about the different grades of steel, click here)
  • Handle: Ergonomically constructed polypropylene
  • Dishwasher Safe?  Yes.

Each rake comes with a protective bright orange cover to slide over the combs because, yes, they are that sharp.

2012-06-22 20.45.42 HDR

History of the Meatrakes

Like most great products out on the market, the Meatrakes came about trying to fill a need.  A friend of Chris’ father was complaining about having to shred 6 pork butts by hand.  Using big forks really did not provide any relief either.  The initial prototype for the Meatrakes was made by Chris’ father out of Teflon and welding wire.  Effort was poured into research and development – experimenting with the number of combs, tweaking the angle of the handle and head – until a suitable end-product was developed.  A huge consideration went to the construction of the entire apparatus in order to keep shipping costs down for consumers.  Thus was born the Meatrake.

Head-to-Head with Bear Paws

I have a set of Bear Paws that I purchased at the recommendation of Cyndi Allison.  I decided to do some side-by-side photos to really illustrate the difference between the Bear Paws and the Meatrakes.  As you can see in the pictures below, the Meatrakes have two more combs than the Bear Paws. While the length of the individual combs may be approximately the same, the overall length of the Meatrakes is over twice as long as the length of the Bear Paws.  This makes all the difference in the world, especially when handling extremely hot foods.

2012-06-22 20.47.40

2012-06-22 20.47.28

Meatrakes in Action

I have had the Meatrakes for several months.  However, I have not taken the opportunity to try them out until recently.  Which leads me to my first experience with the tool – Memphis in May.  I was assisting my friend Tim Smallwood of Tiger Q Concessions with the chicken turn-in for the Tucker Cooker team.  After taking the chicken off of the cooker, we needed to pull some chicken to build the base of the box.  Handling the extremely hot thighs was not a very good option, so the Meatrakes came to the rescue.  Made short work of thighs in no time!


A few weekends ago, I decided to cook a couple of pork butts from Restaurant Depot.  After the cook was complete and the pork had rested, it was time to get to work!

I was really happy with this product!  The angle of the head and the handles allowed me to get good leverage while shredding the pork butt.  The length of the handles allowed me to grip as close or as far from the pork as I desired.  Flexibility for the win!

2012-06-17 18.55.36

I confess I have not gotten rid of the Bear Paws yet, but that’s only because I have not taken time to do so.  No matter what you are shredding, you have to shred it with the Meatrakes!

You can find Meatrakes online at http://www.meatrake.com.  They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Big Wayner is the mad brains behind Big Wayner's BBQ Blog.A full-time RVer, he enjoys sharing his passion for all things BBQ with anyone and everyone he meets.

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Big Wayner is the mad brains behind Big Wayner's BBQ Blog. A full-time RVer, he enjoys sharing his passion for all things BBQ with anyone and everyone he meets.