Recap: BBQ Pitmasters Season 3 Finale – Final Drink Count

Lexington, NC was the site for the finale for BBQ Pitmasters Season 3.  This episode brought the winners from the previous 5 episodes together in the self-proclaimed BBQ Capital of the US to determine who would be the winner of the $50,000 prize as well as a spot in the Kingsford Invitational. 


For this episode, contestants were given pork shoulder and spare ribs to cook.  With the finale being located in Lexington, the choice of pork shoulder as one of the meats certainly seems to acknowledge Lexington’s status as a BBQ hotbed.  The inclusion of spare ribs was also a natural selection since it is the rib of choice for a majority of competition BBQ teams. 

This episode threw in a couple of surprises:

  • In the previous episodes, each meat was submitted in its own container.  For the finale, all of the meats had to be submitted in a single container.
  • At approximately three hours until turn in, an extra meat was added – pork cheeks.

The drink count for the finale was 24 drinks.  The breakdown was as follows:

  • Injection – 7 drinks
  • Trash Talking – 4 drinks
  • Product Sightings – 2 drinks
  • Squeeze Butter – 3 drinks
  • Trashed Entries – 8 drinks

With the drinking game starting at episode 3, this brings the grand total up to 63.  Here is the episode breakdown:

  • Episode 3 – 17 drinks
  • Episode 4 – 15 drinks
  • Episode 5 – 7 drinks
  • Finale – 24 drinks

After the cooking was all said and done, Johnny Trigg of Smokin’ Triggers edged out Corey Brinson of Fatback’s BBQ & Rib Shack to take home the grand championship.  Congratulations to Johnny Trigg and Smokin’ Triggers!


  1. Johnny Trigg – Smokin’ Triggers
  2. Corey Brinson – Fatback’s BBQ & Rib Shack
  3. Danielle Dimovski – DivaQ

Bottom 2 (in no particular order):

  • Solomon Williams – Carolina Rib King
  • Melissa Cookston – Memphis Barbecue Co.
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