Review: Drapers BBQ Smokin’ Sauce (revisited)

At a recent bbq competition, I met up with my buddy Don Parr who presented me with a bbq sauce that I just had to try…Draper’s BBQ Smokin’ Sauce. Don, a distributor of fine bbq products including the Draper’s line of sauces and rubs, is a pitmaster in his own right. Let’s see if this sauce is worthy of a place in my arsenal of competition sauces.

Label:  Glossy black backdrop supports the flaming DBQ logo over the title “Smokin’ Sauce” looks very classy.  Along the bottom the phrase “Three generations of pride and flavor in a bottle” tells me this sauce has been utilized, tweaked and perfected by it’s makers years and I get to reap the fruits of Draper’s hard work.  Good marketing!!

Naked look: This sauce has a deep red color and a nice medium thick body.  Viscosity looks good…not too runny, not too thick.






Naked Taste: Slightly smokey, sweet, peppery and…I taste something interesting…a little different…apple butter?  A quick look at the label shows apple butter is not a listed ingredient,  but cinnamon and nutmeg are.  Aha!  That little something out of the ordinary is a nice touch.

Wow!  Look at that impressive ingredient list!


Let’s try this on some meat!  I had some ribs, pork butt and brisket left over from the contest.


This sauce complemented all three meats well, but really hit a home run on the brisket.  The complex combination of spices in the sauce combined with the beefy goodness of the brisket to create a new flavor profile not evident in the naked tasting.  To me, this is a key element in a top notch competition level sauce.

Conclusion: The good folks at Draper’s have a real winner on their hands.  This sauce begins as a classic, all-around bbq sauce, then transforms into a competition worthy glaze as it passes over the palate.  If you want a sauce you could use on some chicken legs in your backyard or on competition style chicken thighs at your next KCBS event, give Draper’s Smokin’ Sauce a try.  I think you’ll be pleased….I sure was!