Review: Kosmos Dirty Bird


Kosmos is well known on the bbq circuit for their competition quality injections and soaks.  However, Darian Kosmo Khosravi also makes some fine rubs including Kosmos Dirty Bird.  Let’s see if this rub lives up to the high standards of his other products.

First Impression: This rub has a nice dark reddish-brown base with both dark and light tasty bits mixed in.  This looks like it has a lot of flavor.


Raw Taste:  Sugary, peppery with a hint of spice.  Simple yet complex at the same time.   All the flavors play nice together.

Let’s rub some meat!!   A little impromptu competition chicken thighs rubbed down with a light coating of Dirty Bird.  The rub’s texture is not to grainy and not too powdery…it’s just right for rubbing chicken.


I put a healthy coating on a rack of St Louis style spares.  After resting about 30 mins, the rub has started to sweat into the meat.  These look good enough to eat right now!  I can’t wait to put these on the smoker.



The Results: 

The chicken was consumed before I got a chance to take a picture, but the taste was top notch and mixed very well with my sweet competition sauce.


Ribs were amazing.  Dirty Bird complemented the fatty pork flavor of the ribs nicely.  It also created quite a tasty, beautiful bark on the outside of the meat.


Final Verdict: The label says it’s good on ribs, hamburgers and chicken but I think Kosmos Dirty Bird would be good on any protein…perhaps a few pork chops or a whole pork butt…or maybe even (gulp!) vegetables!  If you want to add phenomenal flavor and superb color to your meat the next time you smoke or grill, try some Kosmos Dirty Bird.