12 Bones Sweet Tomato Barbecue Sauce

Today’s sauce is local to North Carolina and is the official tomato-based BBQ sauce of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  From Asheville, NC, today’s sauce is 12 Bones Sweet Tomato Barbecue Sauce.  A great big thank you to Chelsea from Crooked Condiments for providing me with the sauce to review!

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The Story

With locations in the River Arts District of Asheville and just south of Asheville in Arden, 12 Bones Smokehouse serves up tasty smoked meats and delicious sides for folks in western North Carolina.  The owners – Tom Montgomery and Sabra Kelley – were honored in May with having their sweet tomato barbecue sauce chosen to be the official tomato-based sauce of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.  The Asheville location is well received by visitors based on feedback on both Yelp and Tripadvisor

The Sauce

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Ingredients: ketchup, cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, brown sugar, spices, salt

I always judge sauces in two ways – standalone and paired with food.  When judging a sauce standalone, three criteria are used: appearance, aroma, and a taste.

  • Appearance – Dark red color with medium thickness.  Some evidence of spices present.
  • Aroma – Tangy aroma with hints of tomato.
  • A Taste – Blend of tangy and tomato sweet flavors.  Some hints of molasses and brown sugar.  A touch of pepper.

The Results

I decided to test this out in a few different ways – as a finishing sauce on pork and beef and as a condiment with chicken.  My first test was using the sauce as a finishing sauce on pork chops. 

 2012-05-29 20.32.30

2012-05-29 20.32.36


My next test was using the sauce as a finishing sauce on hamburgers.

2012-05-30 20.03.56

Finally, I tried it out as a condiment on a chicken sandwich. 

2012-06-12 12.36.45 HDR

What I found is that the sauce doesn’t try to overpower when cooked on a meat.  It adds touches of flavor where needed.  When used as a condiment, the flavors tend to be a little bolder and more upfront.  This is a good, safe all-around sauce that would be a solid addition to your household. 

You can purchase the sauce online at http://www.crookedcondiments.com/.  The sauce is also available for purchase in-store at both of the 12 Bones locations in Asheville and Arden, NC. 

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