Review: Tiger “Q” BBQ Sauce

A month or so back, I was asked by Tim Smallwood (one of my fellow team members on Team Tucker Cooker for Memphis in May) asked me to try out his sauce and give him feedback.  Normally I would try it out and give feedback without writing about it on here.  Well I tried it out, and quite honestly, this is a sauce you need to know about and try out as well!  This is Tiger “Q” BBQ Sauce!



Tiger “Q” Concessions is the brainchild of Tim Smallwood and is based out of Heber Springs, Arkansas.  Tiger “Q” Concessions offers up BBQ pork, beef, and chicken in sandwich/dinner format as well as in bulk.  So if you’re ever in that area, stop by there and let me know how the ‘cue is.  But since this is about the sauce, let’s get crackin’! 

Naked Observations

The ingredients list is all natural – nothing on there indicating any presence of HFCS or MSG (that’s not to say that the tomato sauce doesn’t contain HFCS, but I’m guessing it does not).  The packaging is very simple – Mason jar with an easy to read label. 

The sauce pours out thinner than a typical BBQ sauce (due to vinegar being one of the main ingredients).  The color is a rich, deep dark brown.  Even though the sauce pours out thin, it is certainly not thin on flavor.  There is a LOT going on with this sauce.  Sweet, tangy, rich, peppery – it works together to create big, bold flavors!  In fact, it might be just a little too peppery (but not by much).  This sauce reminded me a lot of Doomer’s Q Original Sauce in the flavor profiles presented.


To the Meat of the Matter

To do this sauce justice, I wanted to use it in a couple of different ways – as a finishing sauce and as a condiment.  I used it as a topper for BBQ nachos.


I also used it as a finishing sauce for some boneless skinless chicken breasts.


The sauce added a big bold flavor in both cases.  When cooked on chicken, it gave the meat a nice, deep red color (as you can see in the pictures above).  The peppery flavor I mentioned earlier was not as prevalent once applied to the meat.  All in all, this sauce is excellent, and I anticipate coming home with a few jars after Memphis in May!!

Tiger Q Concessions does not have a website, as far as I know.  However, you can connect with Tim through Facebook if you are interested in purchasing his sauce.  Just let him know that Big Wayner sent you!

I do not know what the price is per jar at this time, but it is a great purchase no matter the cost! 

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