Meat Lollipops

One of my favorite sites on the web is the BBQ Brethren, an online forum dedicated to all things BBQ, grilling, and outdoor cooking.  I came across this post in one of the forums where a guy made pinwheel meat lollipops.  Oh.  My!  I just had to try this! 

The ingredients for this venture:

  • One ribeye steak (about 8 oz.)
  • 1/2 lb. of ground sausage (I used spicy sausage from Carolina Pride)
  • Your favorite seasoning (I used Dizzy’s Red Eye Express from Dizzy Pig BBQ)
  • Skewers – if they are wood skewers, soak them in water to prevent flare-ups on the grill. 

My first step was to place the steaks on a cutting board, top with Saran wrap, and pound until sufficiently flat.




After the steak was sufficiently flattened, I spread the sausage out on top of the steak.  In the cited post on the BBQ brethren, the author also added some sliced off-the-bone ham.  I did not have any, so I relied on the sausage. 


After the sausage was all spread out, I rolled it up tightly to form a log, making sure that the seam was on top (this was important for later). 


At this stage, the author of the BBQ Brethren post took the meat log, wrapped it in Saran wrap, and stuck it in the freezer to firm up for about an hour.  Did I do this?  Nope.  I forgot.  I’m a moron.  I skipped straight to skewering the meat, inserting the wooden skewers 1 to 1 1/2 inches apart.  Notice the placement of the skewers in relation to the seam formed by the rolled up meat. 

After skewering, I carefully sliced the meat.  Had I frozen the meat for about an hour or so, this would’ve been a lot easier…



I seasoned the lollipops with the Red Eye Express rub, and then off to the grill! 


When cooking these on the grill, you don’t want to venture off too far (especially if you’re grilling over direct heat).  The fat from the sausage will drip down and cause flare-ups.  Saucing these is optional.  I sauced four of the six lollipops.  The other two were not sauced, and you can see the results from the picture below (excuse the lighting from the photo).


These were quite tasty!  Definitely a meat lollipop, and I could get used to cooking a lot more of these.  I would definitely do things a little bit differently on the next cook…

  • I would definitely add another layer of meat.  Maybe ground chicken or turkey…
  • I would stick the rolled up meat in the freezer for an hour before skewering and slicing. 

Overall though, I was happy with the results!  Enjoy!

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