Checking Out Southern Soul Barbeque

I’m going to approach this restaurant review a little different.  A lot of times I will go on and on and on into great elaborate detail about a restaurant.  This one, however, I will keep short and sweet.  Because, quite frankly, pictures speak more than words…

A coworker and I took a short-notice trip this weekend from Charlotte to Tampa to attend SQL Saturday and made a little detour over to St. Simons Island, GA, to hit up Southern Soul Barbeque.  If you’re familiar with Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or BBQ Pitmasters Season 2, you’ll recognize this place.  And we arrived there just in time!




I admit it – I pigged out.  I ordered the ribs & brisket combo plate with mac & cheese and Brunswick stew.  And then I saw the burnt end sandwich.  Had to get that too!  (No, I didn’t eat it all) My coworker order the pulled pork with mac & cheese and cornbread.





Overall observations are as follows:

  • Ribs were quite tasty!  They were sweet with a balancing chili/cumin flavor. 
  • Brisket was a lean brisket.  Cooked quite nicely.  Not too dry at all!  Very similar to what I have tasted on the KCBS competition circuit.
  • The burnt end sandwich was amazing!  Totally worth the drive. 
  • The mac & cheese was just okay.  Not terrible, but nothing really noteworthy.
  • Brunswick stew was really yummy!  Very fresh tasting with some sweetness added in.

I hope that my coworker will chime in and comment on his thoughts about his meal, but it sure looked really good!  They also have a wide range of sauces available for purchase (also available for purchase online). 

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More photos from this visit are available on the Facebook page for Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog.

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