Chicken Sandwiches

This late-night post (which some of you may see first thing in the morning) is less of a product review and more talking about how I used a couple of products to make something tasty. 

I had a couple of chicken leg quarters in the freezer that were calling my name.  My original intent was to thaw them out and cook them that same day.  However, after looking in the pantry, I came across a bottle of Brazos Legends Chicken Sopping Sauce.  The label on it said to marinate for two hours, but I live on the edge… a 24-hour marinade it is!  For those who are curious, the marinade is an oil-based marinade with soy sauce, lemon juice, and other ingredients. 

Just before lighting the charcoal for the grill, the leg quarters came out of the marinade and were brought up close to room temperature.  They also got dusted with a very liberal coating of Oakridge BBQ Game Bird and Chicken Rub.  Once the coals were lit, I placed a single peach wood chunk from Fruita Wood Chunks in the kettle then added the lit coals on top of the wood chunk.  I used approximately 1/4 of a chimney full of charcoal, and it was setup for direct/indirect cooking.  Each side of the chicken was cooked over direct heat for about 3 minutes per side (to prevent excessive charring) then moved to indirect heat.  All in all, the leg quarters took approximately 30 minutes to cook on the grill.  They were not sauced in any form or fashion.  Looking at the picture below, I’d say they came out looking pretty good.


After a few minutes of rest for the bird legs, I pulled the meat off the bone and grabbed my trusty cleaver.  Chop, chop, chop… then on a hamburger bun and topped with some Smokin’ Guitar Player’s Secret Sauce from Tasty Licks BBQ.  That… is what I call dinner!  Simple, tasty, and to the point!  The products all worked really well with one another.  Some of the most moist bird I’ve cooked – the marinade added a bit of zip, the rub added a touch of sweetness, and the sauce was a perfect topper. 



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