Dueling Butts: Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub vs. Draper’s AP Rub

On my lunch break on Friday, I stopped in at Restaurant Depot (day passes are a perk of being a KCBS member) and picked up a 2-pack of bone-in pork butts.  What in the world was I going to do with all this meat?  Why cook it, of course!  I have to have something for lunch for the next couple of weeks.  But I couldn’t just use one type of rub.  So I present to you Duelling Butts: Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub vs. Draper’s AP Rub!



As you may know right now, both products are excellent, as you can tell from reviews I have done of both products.  If you’re interested, here is my review on Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub, and here is my review on Draper’s AP Rub (along with his sauce).  But now let’s see how both of these products handle themselves on a couple of pork butts.

The morning of the cook, the butts got appropriately seasoned with a generous amount of rub before going on the smoker.


Butt seasoned with Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub. 



Butt seasoned with Draper’s AP Rub.



This was probably one of the toughest cooks that I’ve experienced.  The winds were really blowing, with gusts up in the 30-40 mph range, so it was really hard to get a fire going.  Once the cooker got up to temperature (between 225 and 250 degrees), the butts went in the cooker.  The butts cooked at an average of between 250 and 275 degrees using oak logs and cherry Mojobricks cubes.  After just under 4 hours, I pulled the butts to foil them.  Below are pictures of each butt.


Butt seasoned with Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub



Butt seasoned with Draper’s AP Rub


The butts were lightly re-seasoned, foiled, and put back on the smoker.  After about 3 hours, I probed the meat with my trusty Thermapen (my review on the Thermapen can be found here).  Both of the butts registered at over 195 degrees, so off they came!  They rested in the foil for about 30 minutes, then it was time to pull the pork! First up – the pork from Bigmista’s Perfect Pork Rub.







These pictures are from the meat that had Draper’s AP Rub.







After much tasting and sampling from both meats, I was able to come to a clear decision on the winner.  And the winner is……











Me, because I get to eat it!  Both products offer unique flavors.  No matter which one you choose, you will be happy with your decision.  Enjoy!

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