And the Entries are in: BBQ Pitmasters Season 3 Auditions

February 9th is the last day for entries to be submitted for Season 3 of BBQ Pitmasters.  I’ve just spent the last two hours looking at the videos, and all of the teams that I’ve found videos for did a good job in letting their personalities shine through.  Just sit back and enjoy the videos for each team, and let me know which one was your favorite.  If I missed one, please let me know!!

Ranucci’s Big Butt BBQ


She Thinks My Slabs R Sexy


Texas Pepper Jelly




BBQ Jesus


Smoke in da Eye


The American Dream Bar-B-Que Team


Boss Man BBQ


Cowboy Up BBQ


Prairie Smoke & Spice


The Rolling Grill


Tasty Licks BBQ


Wildcatters Q Crew


2 Worthless Nuts


Big Butz BBQ


Sauced! BBQ


Hog-It-Up BBQ


Major League Grilling


TippyCanoe BBQ Crew


Ponderosa BBQ


Hot Grill on Grill Action


Colins Creek Barbecue


Worth Hollar’n


McFrankenboo BBQ


Croix Valley Steak Sauce


Chatham Artillery BBQ


Bigmista’s Barbecue


Smoke Syndicate


Smokin’ Scotsmen


Kentucky Smoke Squad


Rub Won Out BBQ


Slap Yo Daddy BBQ




All Hogs Go To Heaven BBQ


Southern Soul Barbeque


Pigheaded BBQ


Dust’n & Rub’n Cooking Crew


Tarheel Smokers


Smokey’s Bar-B-Que


C-Dub’s BBQ


Notley Que
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