Guest Post: Sam Dog BBQ Visits Southern Soul Barbeque

As a writer, sometimes you plan and plan and plan for long periods of time on an idea that you want to put down on paper (or blog, as this case may be). And sometimes, ideas just come up all of a sudden. So when I saw my good friend Greg Talley (the brains behind Sam Dog BBQ) post pictures from Southern Soul Barbeque, I asked him if he would be willing to write a review on it.  Even though it was a very last-minute thing, he was gracious enough to do so.  Check out Greg’s review!

This was an unexpected surprise for me on this trip.  While I’ve heard of Southern Soul Barbeque before, I just didn’t ever try to see where it was located.  So you can guess my satisfaction when I punched in barbecue on my GPS that it brought up this jewel of an establishment.

Located on the Golden Isles of Georgia — St.Simons Islandto be precise — Southern Soul is a land mark situated in one of the few roundabouts in the south east.  With its large pavilion out front with picnic tables and cool southern décor this place is inviting from the start.  Before you hit the front door the smoker is going and the smells really get you in the mood.

On the inside it is as you’d expect, clean with a bar out front, simple to read menu with a blackboard showing the days specials.

I’m a terrible photographer so please don’t beat me up too bad here.

As usual when I hit one of these landmark BBQ joints I want to try the whole menu, but I will settle with a combo meal to give me the most exposure to their products with in reason.

Here I ordered the brisket pulled pork combo with Brunswick stew and slaw.

The presentation was nice with three slices of brisket, about a ¼ lb of pork, plenty of Brunswick stew and enough slaw to do anyone in.

Wayne I both are certified barbeque judges through KCBS so when you go into an establishment like this you have to turn your hat around a little bit and understand these folks are producing BBQ for the masses.  It’s very difficult to sell “competition” style BBQ and make a profit.  With that said, the brisket was really great.  The smoke was just right with enough beef flavor to make your mouth say “Hey NOW!”

The pork was outstanding and well above the realm of over the counter “Q”.  Being moist, sweet and tender, flavorful and no excess fat laying around I was very impressed.

The Brunswick stew was tasty with the right amount of heat.  It had lima beans, corn, and a good tomato taste with the meat all rolled into one fine side dish.  Soul slaw is mayo based with not to much mayo.  It had kind of a flat flavor but really, I was here for the BBQ.

They have 4 sauces:

  • Red Swine Wine — North Carolina vinegar.  Tasty, bold with a lil’ spice.
  • Sweet Georgia Soul — Their signature sauce.  A tangy tomato base with a lil’ mustard touch.  Rich in flavor and pairs well with pork and brisket.
  • Hot Georgia Soul — Hot and spicy.  Mild to hot with a slight tang.  Very good.
  • Low Country Soul — South Carolina mustard.  Similar to a spicy mustard.  Light on BBQ flavor.

All in all this was one of my favorite places that I’ve been.  The wait staff was very attentive. By the way I never let anyone know I’m there to write a review.  The food was great, the atmosphere was fun.  I highly recommend this BBQ joint and would go out of my way to eat here again.

I want to give a great big thank you to Greg Talley of Sam Dog BBQ for his review!  I asked him to do this at the last minute, and he was kind enough to do so.   I had the pleasure of meeting Greg and his wife Debbie at the Jack back in October, and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  If you didn’t know so already, they have a really good mustard-based sauce that you simply have to try.

Southern Soul Barbeque is located at 2020 Demere Rd., St. Simons Island, GA 31522.  Their website is located at  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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