Hoosier Daddy Sweet & Sassy Barbecue Sauce

When I think of Indiana, I think of many things.  I think of Larry Bird and the Indy 500.  I think of college basketball and Peyton Manning.  Up until now, I never thought barbecue sauce when I thought of Indiana.  Thanks to winning a giveaway on BBQ Sauce Reviews, I’m learning otherwise.  Enter Hoosier Daddy Sweet & Sassy Barbecue Sauce into the picture…

Hoosier Daddy Barbecue Sauce was founded in 2009 by Kim Marshall Foy to keep alive the legacy of her father William Marshall, the mastermind behind the sauce.  The name of the sauce lends honor to both Kim’s home state and Kim’s father.  Also to honor her late father and brother, a portion of proceeds from the sale of their line of sauces (they also have a hot BBQ sauce) goes to various charities and non-profit organizations.  A worthwhile endeavor, I must say.  Now, on to the sauce!

Naked Observations

The label is very colorful and eye-catching — a very nice use of artwork and color to draw the consumer’s eye to the bottle.  The bottle itself is a thin, narrow plastic bottle.  The sauce itself is a nice thick sauce with a deep dark red color.

Sweetness is the star in this sauce!  But it’s not your typical sweetness that you get in your big sauce bottlers.  There are multiple layers and types of sweetness that are going on in this.  Very interesting flavors.  I knew tasting this sauce that this would pair well with a savory meat or a meat using a nice, salty rub.  (Note: I did look at the ingredient list and saw that high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, is the second ingredient listed.  I personally do not have an issue with HFCS.)

To the Meat of the Matter

I originally tried this sauce on some pork chops.  The chops were tenderized and then seasoned with Willie’s Hog Dust (one of my favorite rubs).

The chops were then cooked on the gas grill — 10 minutes on one side over high heat.  After that 10 minutes were up, I flipped the chops.  With approximately 10-15 minutes left on the cook, the chops were sauced.  Since these were fairly thick chops, they took about 25 minutes to cook (thanks to my handy-dandy Thermapen letting me know that the chops reached the appropriate internal temperature).

The sauce complemented the rub used on the chops really well, giving a good balance of sweet, salty, and savory.  Not a lot of heat to this, but that was perfectly fine by me.  This sauce did exactly what I expected it to do.

This past Sunday, I did a big cook using Socks’ Love Rub (which you can read more about here).  One of the things I cooked was a rack of beef ribs.  When I finished the ribs in the oven (because I ran out of fuel to use on my cookers), I gave the rubs a thin glaze of Hoosier Daddy Sweet & Sassy Barbecue Sauce before placing in the oven.

This sauce worked beautifully here!  It complemented the savory flavors in the beef ribs, providing a nice balance of flavors that made me a happy happy man!  So if you are looking for a new sweet sauce to try out, give Hoosier Daddy Sweet & Sassy Barbecue sauce a try!

Hoosier Daddy Barbecue Sauce can be found online at http://www.hoosierdaddybbqsauce.com, where you can find links to order their sauces online.  You can also find them on Facebook.

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