AlbuKirky Seasonings Bountiful Blog Giveaway

This is another “post and Run” about another great contest I came across today.  This contest is courtesy of AlbuKirky Seasonings (who I believe is currently a sponsor of one of my favorite online BBQ shows The BBQ Central Show).

AlbuKirky Giveaway Items
AlbuKirky Giveaway Items

The giveaway includes the following items:

  • One bottle of AlbuKirky Seasonings World Famous BBQ Rub
  • One bottle of AlbuKirky Seasonings BBQ Sauce
  • One AlbuKirky t-shirt (size large)
  • A copy of “Grill It” by Bobby Flay
  • One bar of Grime Soap by Buck Naked Stuff
The contest is easy to enter, and you can enter up to three times.  You can find the blog post outlining the contest details at  The contest ends at midnight MDT time on September 5th.  As always, let ’em know that Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog sent you.  I appreciate it!
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