Results for Father’s Day Frenzy with Draper’s BBQ Giveaway

First off, I want to thank Shane Draper at Draper’s BBQ for asking me to help him out with this contest.  We had a good response to the contest with 63 entries!  Most importantly, I want to thank all of you for entering the contest.  Without you, this contest would have not been possible.

For the drawing, I took all of the entries, sorted them in alphabetical order, and then used to select three random numbers.  The following entries were selected in order of drawing:

  1. Winner of the 1-Pint Gift Pack (includes BBQ sauce, BBQ rub, and pint glass) — TheBBQDude (entered via Twitter)
  2. Winner of the BBQ sauce and BBQ rub bundle — Patrick Paquette
  3. Winner of a choice between BBQ sauce and BBQ rub — guardmp_MOM (entered via  Twitter)
If your name is listed as one of the winners, please contact Shane immediately at [email protected] with your shipping information.  Thank you once again to everyone who entered the contest, and I hope you continue to visit Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog for more contests, recipes, and other interesting things pertaining to the world of BBQ.
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