In the Trenches: Competing at a KCBS-Sanctioned Competition

It all started in early 2010.  A couple of friends and I heard of a charity BBQ cook-off going on in Charlotte, and we decided to enter.  We entered 2 of the 4 categories and ended up taking 2nd place in both categories.  The competition bug bit me.

Fast forward almost a year, and I get another opportunity to help out on a competition team.  This time, the stakes are much bigger.  About two weeks ago, I got the opportunity to be a part of the Sir Porkalot BBQ team (@SirPorkaLot on Twitter) that competed at the BBQ Capital Cook-off in Lexington, NC (a KCBS-sanctioned competition).  I arrived with huge ambitions and an eagerness to learn.

There were a lot of well-known BBQ teams present at this competition, so I admit to being a bit starstruck.  Every one of the teams that I spoke with were very down to earth, friendly, and welcoming.  Even one of the most famous people in terms of competition barbecue (Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke) took time out to talk to me for at least a good 10-15 minutes.  Again, BBQ people are some of the friendliest on the face of this planet.

In short, many good times were had.  The banter flowed (as did the beer).  The food was excellent.  The sleep… well, there wasn’t much of that going on.  Overall, it was a great experience!  Anyone who can cook four different kinds of meat overnight to turn in at 30 minute intervals the next day has all the respect in the world in my book.  And even though the team may not have placed where we liked, I feel it’s a one-of-a-kind experience to be an active team member!

Oh yeah, don’t think for one minute that I forgot to go and take pictures!  There are several of those, but I’ve uploaded them to Facebook.  So you can view the pictures here.  And if you haven’t added me on Facebook, add me here!

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