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The Shizzle Jerk Marinade

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12 Bones Sweet Tomato Barbecue Sauce

Today’s sauce is local to North Carolina and is the official tomato-based BBQ sauce of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  From Asheville, NC, today’s sauce is 12 Bones Sweet Tomato Barbecue Sauce.  A great big thank you to Chelsea from Crooked Condiments for providing me with the sauce to review!

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Review: Guy Parker’s Old Fashioned Bar-B-Q Sauce

Today’s review is of an eastern Carolina style BBQ sauce – Guy Parker’s Old Fashioned Bar-B-Q Sauce.

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A Home Run with Outta the Park BBQ Sauce

About 2-3 weeks ago, my wife was out running some errands.  While she was out, she called me to let me know that she had some sauce for me to review.  It caught me off-guard, but I got excited when she told me who she met.  Heather went to The Meat House here in Charlotte to pick up some chicken.  That day, Scott from Outta the Park BBQ Sauce was there doing a demo.  So now I present to you a review of a sauce that I’ve looked forward to reviewing – Outta the Park BBQ Sauce.

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Gettin’ My Q on at Queen City Q

BBQ in Charlotte?  That used to be the punchline to many a joke.  Nowadays, however, BBQ is becoming more and more relevant here in the Queen City.  So when I learned that my good friend Wilfred Reinke was coming through Charlotte, I intended to take him to one of the restaurants.  Like all good plans, they change.  The idea popped in my head for us to check out the newest BBQ restaurant in Charlotte — Queen City Q — and do a dual review.  I asked another one of my good friends Steve Gibbs if he’d like to join us, and all of a sudden it became a three-headed review!  Steve has already posted his review here, so please go and check it out!  This is my take on Queen City Q… Continue reading

Review: Proud Piggy BBQ Sauce

When I utter the words “Carolina style BBQ sauce”, what comes to mind?  If you said tang, then continue reading…

Whenever I go to judge various KCBS competitions, I like to also go around and check out the various vendors and booths that are set up as well.  Back in October during the KCBS competition in Waxhaw, NC (read a review of it here), one of the vendors I came across was a local BBQ sauce maker — Seth Land of Southern Staple Foods.  Lucky for me, he was handing out samples of his sauce.  One taste, and I knew that this sauce was good stuff.  We chatted for a while, and he was kind enough to give me a bottle of his sauce to review.  So I present to you Proud Piggy BBQ Sauce!

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Review: Nephew’s Cherry’Potle BBQ Sauce

I have read lots about the line of sauces from Nephew’s BBQ.  I have seen reviews by well-known BBQ and grilling experts such as Larry Gaian and Cyndi Allison.  One of their sauces was even named one of the best 11 BBQ Sauces in the country as determined by Country Living Magazine.  I have had Nephew’s BBQ on my list of sauces to try out for quite some time.

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Review: Country Chef Honey Grilling Sauce

I’m a firm believer in Mike Espey’s line of Country Chef Grilling Sauces.  They stand out from other sauces because they really emphasize freshness in their flavor profiles.  I’ve done a couple of reviews on this line of sauces which you can view here and here.  Today let’s check out the Country Chef Honey Grilling Sauce.

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Contest Bites: Dimples BBQ Sauce + T-Shirt Giveaway

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  I’ve seen this contest mentioned over the last couple of days and wanted to get the word out.  Dimples BBQ Sauce is giving away a bottle of their totally awesome BBQ Sauce (which I’ve recently reviewed) as well as a t-shirt.  The contest ends today (November 6) at 8:00pm EST.

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Grillin’ and Chillin’ on Main in Waxhaw, NC

First off, I owe a great big thank you to my wonderful wife!  This contest fell on our wedding anniversary, and she was still okay with me going to judge.  She rocks!!

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