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A Trio of Tastings: Three Sauces for your Reviewing Pleasure

Normally in blog posts where I review sauces, I usually only review one at a time.  However, I did at one time do a multi-sauce review.  In some ways, I enjoy doing this kind of review.  It’s a natural behavior for humans to want to compare and contrast product.  Having said that… let’s grill some pork chops!  From left to right, the sauces are: Daigle’s Sweet Habanero Rib Sauce, Nephew’s Ghostly Pumpkin BBQ Sauce, and Doomer’s Dark “Q” Sauce. Continue reading

Pig in a Big Blanket

I’m departing a bit from the usual reviews to talk about…  dinner.  Yeah, dinner.

Now by no means am I a great chef or cook.  I leave that in the capable hands of those such as Robyn from GrillGrrrl, Chris from NibbleMeThis, and The BBQ Grail himself.  So while taking the risk of looking pale in comparison to their culinary delights, here’s what I cooked for dinner…

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Review: Nephew’s Cherry’Potle BBQ Sauce

I have read lots about the line of sauces from Nephew’s BBQ.  I have seen reviews by well-known BBQ and grilling experts such as Larry Gaian and Cyndi Allison.  One of their sauces was even named one of the best 11 BBQ Sauces in the country as determined by Country Living Magazine.  I have had Nephew’s BBQ on my list of sauces to try out for quite some time.

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