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Review: Uncle Kenny’s Mustard BBQ Sauce

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Today’s review is the final in a series of reviews of sauces from Uncle Kenny’s BBQ.  I have been very pleased with his spicy BBQ sauce and his original BBQ sauce.  Rounding out the trio is his mustard-based BBQ sauce.

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Review: Uncle Kenny’s Original BBQ Sauce

For diehards such as myself, BBQ and grilling season runs from January 1st to December 31st.  However, the majority of Americans look to Memorial Day weekend to kick off the official “grilling” season.  Tonight’s offering on the grill was pork chops.  However, I’m not here to talk about the pork chops.  I’m here to talk about the sauce I used on them — Uncle Kenny’s Original BBQ Sauce.

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Review: Spicy BBQ Sauce from Uncle Kenny’s BBQ

Tonight was a night of unexpected opportunities. My wife had planned on cooking dinner tonight. However, I was unable to get one of the main ingredients for the planned meal, so those grand plans fell through. She finally suggested that I do the Hot-n-Nasty Burgers that I did earlier this week. Turns out this was the perfect opportunity to try out the Spicy BBQ Sauce from Uncle Kenny’s BBQ!

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Makin’ Burgers with the Burger Pocket Press

My apologies for having been away for a while.  Real life tends to do that every now and then.  Since I actually got home from work tonight at a semi-reasonable hour (read: not after 11pm), I decided to fire up the grill for some burgers.  However, I did not intend to grill just any old plain burgers.  Oh no…  tonight was time to break out the Burger Pocket Press!

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Review: Sam Dog BBQ Yellow Dog Sauce

Yesterday, one of my co-workers needed my advice on BBQ places for lunch.  She told me that one of our clients would be buying lunch for the office today, and that lunch would be BBQ.  Immediately my mind starts thinking “Hey… this will be a perfect opportunity to try out some of my stash!”  After much thought, I picked the bottle of Yellow Dog Sauce made by Sam Dog BBQ.

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Review: Klondike Pete’s Sweet BBQ Rub

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a BBQ Brethren Trade.  I was lucky enough to receive two bottles of sauce and two bottles of rub.  Tonight, my wife asked me to grill some chicken, so I decided to use one of the rubs I received.

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This Past Week in “News”

I’ve decided on Sundays to peruse through the blogs I follow and come up with a “Best of” for the previous week.  So without delay, here is my pick for “best of” posts for this past week: Continue reading