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Review: Kosmos Reserve Blend Brisket Injection

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Review: Draper’s BBQ Moo’d Enhancer Beef Rub

It’s a well-known fact that I’m a huge, huge fan of the products from Draper’s BBQ.  So when Shane reached out to me about being one of the first to review his new Moo’d Enhancer beef rub, how could I refuse?  After reading the review from Brian and Marilyn of Hot Sauce Daily, I knew this would be a winner.  So let’s check it out!

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Review: Dead End BBQ, Knoxville, TN

For our return trip from Lynchburg, Jay Prince and I ended up travelling through Knoxville, TN.  Naturally, I sent out a tweet asking if anyone had any recommendations for good BBQ in Knoxville.  Within 5 minutes or so, I got a response giving me a place to try out.  So we made a beeline for Dead End BBQ in Knoxville, TN.

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Brisket Burrito, anyone?

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Leftover brisket from Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse… check.  Habanero peach BBQ sauce… check.  BBQ rub… check.  Sounds like the makings of a brisket burrito to me!  Let’s get started… I apologize for the crappy cell phone cameras.  It’s all I had with me at work.

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My First Taste of Texas Brisket from Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse

First off, Happy Independence Day to everyone!  I recently won a giveaway sponsored by Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ.  The grand prize was a BBQ feast courtesy of Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse which consisted of a 4-6 lb brisket and lots and lots of sausage.  My wife and I decided to try out the brisket.

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Review: Midwood Smokehouse — Charlotte, NC

A couple of weeks ago, I heard rumor of a new BBQ joint opening up in Charlotte.  As I read more and more about it, I started getting excited and determined that I just had to check this new place out soon.  Well that new place is Midwood Smokehouse, and I took the opportunity today to check it out before having to head in to the office.

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Confessions of a First-Time KCBS Judge

As a lot of you probably already know, I like barbecue a little bit.  If you didn’t know that… well now you know.  In October of last year, I finally broke down and joined the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS).  Soon after joining, I learn that there would be a judging class in November of that same year not too far from where I live.  I took the class and joined that elite society known as KCBS judges.

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A Tasket, A Tisket, I Just Cooked My First Brisket

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that this weekend would be the weekend that I would cook my first brisket.  And as it turned out, the weather could not have been more perfect!

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Review: Mac’s Speed Shop — Charlotte, NC

I often lament the lack of good quality BBQ joints here in the Charlotte, NC metro area.  It really is a shame that in a city the size of Charlotte, the closest good BBQ joint is a 45-60 minute drive away.  There were a couple of joints close to my previous employer that were okay, but they were nothing spectacular.

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