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Hoosier Daddy Sweet & Sassy Barbecue Sauce

When I think of Indiana, I think of many things.  I think of Larry Bird and the Indy 500.  I think of college basketball and Peyton Manning.  Up until now, I never thought barbecue sauce when I thought of Indiana.  Thanks to winning a giveaway on BBQ Sauce Reviews, I’m learning otherwise.  Enter Hoosier Daddy Sweet & Sassy Barbecue Sauce into the picture…

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Showing Some Love to Socks’ Love Rub

The theme of today’s blog entry is “love”.  For starters, I love BBQ!  I love that BBQ people are some of the nicest and most genuine people that I know.  I love that I’ve had the opportunity to try many new sauces, rubs, and gadgets.  And to continue along the theme of love, let me introduce to you Socks’ Love Rub.

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