BBQ Pitmasters Audition Videos

As you may know, BBQ Pitmasters recently put out a call for audition videos for the new season.  Here are some of the videos that I’ve been able to find so far.  If your video isn’t listed on here (and you want it listed), let me know!  Also, if I screwed something up, please let me know that too!  Finally, if you don’t wish to have your video on this page, shoot me an email to [email protected], and I’ll remove it.

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The Adventures of a Worthless Nut on BBQ Pitmasters

With submissions being accepted for Season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters, I’m happy to publish another account of being on Season 3.  Today’s post comes courtesy of Rob Marion of 2 Worthless Nuts.  Rob is one of the most well-respected competitors on the circuit.  His dedication to assisting with the military and charitable causes is unparalleled.  So without further delay, here’s Rob talking about BBQ Pitmasters in his own words…

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And the Entries are in: BBQ Pitmasters Season 3 Auditions

February 9th is the last day for entries to be submitted for Season 3 of BBQ Pitmasters.  I’ve just spent the last two hours looking at the videos, and all of the teams that I’ve found videos for did a good job in letting their personalities shine through.  Just sit back and enjoy the videos for each team, and let me know which one was your favorite.  If I missed one, please let me know!!

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Teams that Do Know Jack: Hot Grill on Grill Action

Today’s “Teams that Do Know Jack” feature keeps us in the US Midwest.  About 360 miles from Springfield, MO (home of our last feature team Here Piggy Piggy BBQ) lies Omaha, NE.  It is here that four guys compete together under a team name that Robyn Medlin Lindars has dubbed one of the best BBQ team names ever.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hot Grill on Grill Action.

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