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Review: Butcher BBQ Steak and Brisket Texas Style Rub

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Double Review: Weber BBQ Sauce and Three Little Pigs Rub


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Rub Review: Butcher BBQ Honey Rub

A trusted name in competition and backyard bbq for several years, Butcher BBQ puts out some of the best products money can buy.  Would the Butcher BBQ Honey Rub live up to these lofty expectations?  Let’s find out…

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KCBS Event Review: The Kickoff Cookoff in Florissant, MO

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Review: Dizzy Dust All-Purpose Rub from Dizzy Pig Barbecue Co.

I have seen many different rub and seasoning manufacturers ever since diving deep into the BBQ scene.  One of the brands that I have seen from the onset is The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company.  I’ve had my eye on their line of rubs and seasonings for quite some time.  So when the opportunity came up to review their rubs, I jumped at the opportunity.  This review focuses on their all-purpose Dizzy Dust.

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Best Of: Presidents Day Edition

Another week has come and gone!  For those of you who have Presidents Day off, please know that I completely and totally envy you!  Anyhow, check out some recommended links for your viewing pleasure!

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Best Of: May 15-22

My apologies for not posting this last Sunday.  I had to work, and I posted a restaurant review instead.  Let’s see what the past week had to offer us… Continue reading

Poll: What’s Cooking on Your Outdoor Cooker?

Here’s some food for thought…  what do you like to cook the most on your grill or smoker?  Poll is below.  Discuss amongst yourselves.