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Five for Friday: January 15, 2016 Edition

We’re almost halfway through the month of January.  And it’s payday for me too, so it’s naturally a great day!  But here are five things you may be interested in reading to add some BBQ and grilling sunshine to your dreary winter days:

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Five for Friday: The Happy New Year Edition

Happy New Year, everyone!  Let’s start the new year off right by recapping some of the latest happenings in the world of BBQ and grilling!

First off, a huge congratulations to Brooke Orrison Lewis,the 2015 BBQ Person of the Year on  It’s hard to find someone more deserving of the honor this year than Brooke.

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Five for Friday: January 30, 2015


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2014 Jack Daniels Teams Announced

Selections have been announced today for the 2014 Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue.  This competition, affectionately known as “The Jack”, is an invitation-only contest that pits championship BBQ teams against one another on the grounds of the Jack Daniels distillery (“The Hollow”) in a cook-off to determine BBQ supremacy.

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Father’s Day ThermoWorks Giveaway


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BBQ Pitmasters Season 5 Premiers this Saturday


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How Will You Prep Your Turkey this Thanksgiving?


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A Rib-a-palooza with McCormick®

Who needs a reason to have a party when an opportunity will suffice! While I have been blessed with many talents, one of them, unfortunately, is not a knack for working on machinery. In particular, lawn mowers and things with small engines give me fits. So when I found out that my father-in-law was going to be coming over to help out with the lawn mower and tiller, I knew then and there that I had to give him and my mother-in-law a proper payment: all the ribs that they could stand to eat! Continue reading

Review: Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ Rubs


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Kick Ass Spicy Sesame Chicken

Last week I reviewed three sauces from Crazy Bitch Gourmet Sauces. When I let Gina know that I was reviewing three of the sauces, she replied back mentioning a fourth sauce that I received that I did not include in the review – the Kick Ass sauce. In that email, she talked about the flavor profile being the same as the other tomato-based sauces, but with significantly more heat. I definitely found this to be true – the Asian influence was there with a nice kick of heat. I wanted to think of a creative way to use this… and by creative, I mean something other than a finishing sauce on a grilled piece of meat.

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