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Beyond the Protein: Veggies on the Grill

Today’s blog post is about veggies on the grill.  I know what you’re thinking… who’s writing this, and what did they do with Big Wayner?  Well I’m here to tell you that if you’re just grilling steaks and pork chops and chicken on the grill, then you’re missing out on so much more! Continue reading

Day 1 of Memphis in May – Whirlwind Experience

I thought I was prepared for Memphis in May.  I thought I had done enough research, talked to enough people, and planned enough to thoroughly prepare myself for what would occur.  Plain and simple: I lied to myself.

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Official DNC 2012 BBQ Sauces Announced

Back in February, the committee for the 2012 Democratic National Convention (in Charlotte, NC) launched a search for the best BBQ sauces to be named the official BBQ sauces of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  Thirty different submissions were received in three categories: tomato based, mustard based, and vinegar based.  Submissions ranged from homemade BBQ sauces to nationally recognized brands.  The standard used in judging the various sauces was based on the South Carolina BBQ Society score sheet, scoring on a scale from 1 to 20 in four different criteria: aroma, taste, after taste, and overall impression. 

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Interview with Tucker Cooker

Again, if I haven’t mentioned how freakin’ excited I am to be going to Memphis in May, I’ll mention it again…


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Doing Double Duty

Most of you may already know, but a few weeks ago Brian Henderson of BBQ Sauce Reviews asked me to come on board as the official BBQ rub and seasoning reviewer.  This was an opportunity that I could not pass up!
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Kingsford® Hickory-Infused Propane — First Thoughts

Thanks to Lionel Bateman III for posting this on his Facebook feed.

So apparently the big secret is coming out now — Kingsford is planning to bring to market hickory-infused propane.  Check out Patio Daddio BBQ for more details.  This was my initial reaction at first…

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A Personal Plea: Help Out Operation BBQ Relief

As you may have heard in the news, the Midwest got rocked with some major storms.  One of the hardest hit areas was Harrisburg, IL., where an EF4 tornado ripped through the town.  Between 250-300 homes were destroyed in the small town of 9,100.  One of the crews going out to assist in the aftermath is Operation BBQ Relief

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Pig in a Big Blanket

I’m departing a bit from the usual reviews to talk about…  dinner.  Yeah, dinner.

Now by no means am I a great chef or cook.  I leave that in the capable hands of those such as Robyn from GrillGrrrl, Chris from NibbleMeThis, and The BBQ Grail himself.  So while taking the risk of looking pale in comparison to their culinary delights, here’s what I cooked for dinner…

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BBQ Gift Ideas for 2011

As you may know, there are not that many days left until Christmas!

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Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes

I’m taking a break from the Teams that Do Know Jack series today to get a little bit off-topic.  This fall I will be joining more than 130,000 walkers from across the United States in this year’s Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.

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