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Five for Friday: The “On the Road” Edition

Greetings from some corn field in the middle of Iowa! As we make our way west, here are some tidbits to keep you entertained throughout the weekend: Continue reading

Busy Times at Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog

Hello, everyone!  Normally this is the time of year where I’m working my grilling mojo (or trying to, in some cases).  However, this year is definitely not like most.  I’ll tell you why soon enough, but first… a little bit of what’s been going on here. Continue reading

Top BBQ Rubs of 2015 So Far

If there’s any way to come out of a 3+ month hiatus, it’s by publishing a list of my top BBQ rubs so far in 2015.  Gutsy?  Sure.  But everyone has their favorites, and I’m putting out a list of mine for 2015 so far.

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Five for Friday: February 20, 2015

Happy Friday once again!  If you were caught in the winter storm that hit this week, hopefully the thawing out process has begun.  If not, here are five things to check out while you stay in and keep warm: Continue reading

Five for Friday: February 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!  As you deal with your paraskevidekatriaphobia and avoid black cats and walking under ladders, here are five links to carry you through the weekend! Continue reading

Fun with Real Canadian Bacon

Real Canadian Bacon

At Memphis in May this past year, I had the opportunity to meet Ken Haviland, president of the Real Canadian Bacon Company.  He was kind enough to send me samples of his product (peameal bacon) for review.  My intent was to give them a thorough review right before Christmas.  However, I was not able to get to it due to unforeseen circumstances.  I was sent a variety of slices (or shingles), bone-in chops, and a whole roast. I have tried the slices and the chops, and let me tell you… DELICIOUS!!

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Five for Friday: January 30, 2015


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Five for Friday: Five Christmas Gifts for the Griller in Your Family


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Christmas Thermapen Giveaway

It’s the #1 tool that I would recommend putting on your Christmas list if you don’t have one already. And if you have one already, I’d say get a second one for that special someone in your life. What is it? The Thermapen instant-read thermometer, of course!

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Turkey Tips, ThermoWorks Dot, and a Giveaway

Turkey 11

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