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Five for Friday: Five Things You May Have Missed This Week

It’s time for another Five for Friday.  In this edition, I’ll be hitting on five different things you may have missed this week in the world of BBQ, grilling, and other things interesting.  So no more wasting time! Continue reading

The Great NC BBQ Map


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My Mini Georgia BBQ Crawl

Last week I was slated to travel to take a 2-day training class. The good news was that I missed the huge winter storm that slammed North Carolina. The bad news: my class was in Atlanta. So instead of snow and ice, I got lots and lots of ice. But once the ice melted, I decided to hit up a few BBQ joints in and near to the Atlanta area.

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Five for Friday: 5 Blogs/Sites You Should Know About

It’s been a while since I wrote my last (and first) Five for Friday post.  It’s about time I wrote another one – this time, I’ll highlight five blogs/sites (in addition to mine, of course) that you should be checking out!  So without delay, here we go…

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BBQ Nachos, Plus Some Product Reviews


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Five for Friday: 5 BBQ / Cooking Books to Check Out

There is a need for some variety from me in 2014.  So I’m going to try out something new this year to see how it works.  Every Friday (or maybe every other Friday, or every 3rd Friday) I plan to publish a list of 5 things that may be of interest to the BBQ and outdoor cooking world.  It could be anything — books, rubs, sauces, blog posts… the possibilities are endless!  And it doesn’t have to be new — the posted items could be things that are tried and true in the world of BBQ and outdoor cooking.

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BBQ Pitmasters Season 5 Audition Videos

Happy New Year, everyone!  Not too long ago, a call was made for audition videos for casting of Season 5 of BBQ Pitmasters.  Pitmasters all across the country responded in force with their audition videos.  The deadline has passed, and some of the pitmasters will be receiving that fateful phone call to be on the show.  Here are the videos I have been able to find so far.  Enjoy!

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The Most Amazing Turkey Ever

Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving! A few weeks ago, I wrote about my practice turkey cook for Thanksgiving. I was pretty happy with the cook, but a few tweaks and small changes were needed. Or so I thought…

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How Will You Prep Your Turkey this Thanksgiving?


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Turkey Practice

Last year was the first time I ever cooked a turkey on the smoker for Thanksgiving.  In fact, last Thanksgiving was the first time I ever cooked a turkey, period!  Some people like flying by the seat of their pants, but it really would have sucked had the turkey been ruined.  Fast forward to the Thanksgiving season of 2013… and with a turkey in the freezer (in the 10-14 lb range, closer to 14), there was no excuse for not doing a test cook beforehand!

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