Five for Friday: The Happy New Year Edition

Happy New Year, everyone!  Let’s start the new year off right by recapping some of the latest happenings in the world of BBQ and grilling!

First off, a huge congratulations to Brooke Orrison Lewis,the 2015 BBQ Person of the Year on  It’s hard to find someone more deserving of the honor this year than Brooke.

With the storms that have recently plagued the midwest and south, it’s nice to know that there are organizations like Operation BBQ Relief ready to step in and assist in times of need.

If you’re one of those people looking for ways to make your grilling a little more on the healthy side, check out this top 10 list from Weber for healthy grilling ideas.

Sam Jones, pitmaster at Skylight Inn in Ayden, NC, recently opened his eponymous BBQ joint in Winterville, NC.  Garden & Gun Magazine recently profiled it.

Finally, be on the lookout for this stolen pig cooker.

A CALL TO ALL OF MY PALS, PLEASE SHARE: To the miserable pieces of sh*t who did thousands of dollars of damage breaking into our facility to steal one of the most special gifts that has ever been given to me… I dare you drive this cooker down the road, or break it out at a party. It is fully custom, and we’ll be looking for ya. This was a gift from one of my mentors Nick Pihakis in celebration of us winning the James Beard Award. Though it’s one of a kind, we have insurance. To the low lifes who stole the cooker: Stop looking for where the propane tank goes… it’s a hard-wood cooker (I know, what a bummer… you can’t even steal nice things these days ). The really sad thing? We mostly use this cooker to cook for charitable causes. PALS, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT, AND HELP ME TAKE THIS MESSAGE VIRAL. #godspeed

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