Top BBQ Rubs of 2015 So Far

If there’s any way to come out of a 3+ month hiatus, it’s by publishing a list of my top BBQ rubs so far in 2015.  Gutsy?  Sure.  But everyone has their favorites, and I’m putting out a list of mine for 2015 so far.

I used a tried and true scientific method of determining my top BBQ rubs for 2015: it’s the BBQ rubs I keep reaching for in my cabinet.  So without further delay, here are my favorite BBQ rubs for the year so far:

Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse Texas BBQ Rub

For a great salt/pepper based rub, this is one I keep reaching for over and over and over again.  I keep a bottle of this in my camper.  It’s a simple yet great all-purpose rub (7 ingredients total).  While it works well on most any food, it really shines when it comes to usage on beef (such as this tri-tip).

The finished tri-tip. Yum!!

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You can pick it up at many grocery stores in Texas, or it is available for purchase online.


Mike D’s All-Purpose Dry Rub

Mike D’s All-Purpose Dry Rub has one of the more unique flavor profiles that I’ve come across on the market.  I’ve been connected with Mike with quite some time now, and he sent me his rub and sauce to review.  His sauce is good, but I’m ecstatic about his rub.  It goes great on everything — chicken, pork, turkey, even roasted potatoes!  I used this rub on my Thanksgiving turkey this past year, and the results were superb!

Kept it indoors tonight with skillet chicken.

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Heaven Made Products Amazin Cajun Seasoning

Back during a stint as BBQ rub review for BBQ Sauce Reviews (one of the most comprehensive BBQ sauce / tool / gadget review sites out there), I was sent a set of BBQ rubs from Heaven Made Products for review.  The rubs included an all-purpose rub, a brisket rub, and a Cajun rub.  While I enjoyed all three rubs, it was the Cajun rub that has been my favorite above all.  As a low-salt and MSG-free seasoning, it works well as a standalone component in cooking or when paired with another rub (in layering flavors).  I also use it in non-BBQ dishes when a spicy flavor profile is called for.


Rocky Top BBQ Carolina Q BBQ Rub

You saw him last year on Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters, and you can take home a little bit of that flavor with Rocky Top BBQ Co.’s Carolina Q Rub.  This rub is tailor-made for pork of just about any cut.  Pork butts… pork chops… even pig candy!  Carolina Q Rub is a salty rub that plays nice with that most sacred of BBQ animals.  It also acts as a great base when complemented with a sweeter BBQ rub, and it puts great color on a piece of pork!


I know that there are hundreds and thousands of BBQ rubs and seasonings out on the market.  And I hope to hear all of you come back with “Well my favorite and the best BBQ rub out there is ________________!”  But that is my list of my favorite BBQ rubs for 2015.  Hope to hear what yours is!

  • Great list, Wayne! I will be checking out the Rocky Top rub.

    Nice to have you posting again!

  • Michael De Los Santos

    Oh yeah!! Mike D’s BBQ on the list!!

  • Some of my favorite this year are Meat Church’s Deez Nuts and Honey Hog, Smoking Guns Hot, and Cimmaron doc.

  • B.J. Fowler

    Talk Texan BBQ Spicy Honey