Christmas Thermapen Giveaway

It’s the #1 tool that I would recommend putting on your Christmas list if you don’t have one already. And if you have one already, I’d say get a second one for that special someone in your life. What is it? The Thermapen instant-read thermometer, of course!


The Thermapen is my go-to grilling and BBQ tool in my arsenal, and I feel lost whenever I don’t have it around (luckily I keep my just-as-reliable-if-only-not-quite-as-instant Thermopop in the camper with me). With accurate readings within 3 seconds and accuracy to within 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s perfect for when you want to know the progress of your food in as timely a manner as possible. And it’s super-versatile — my wife uses her Thermapen for dying wool for her custom-dyed yarn business.

The main complaint I hear about it every time (on the rare occasions I do) is the price. And yes, $96 is not a small amount of money. But I look at it like this — having a high-quality instant-read thermometer such as the Thermapen will allow you to save money in the long term by cooking at home as opposed to going out for a high-quality steak. For more info on how an investment in a Thermapen is beneficial in the long run, click the graphic below to open up a PDF infographic.

ThermoWorks InfoGraphic

While I would love for everyone to come and buy a Thermapen through my affiliate link, I know that may not be realistic. So that’s why I’m stoked to be giving one away just in time for Christmas!! There are many ways to win — commenting on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter! The ways to enter can be found in the Rafflecopter widget below.

The contest will end at 11:59pm EST this Friday, December 12th. A winner will be selected the following day and emailed. The winner has 24 hours to reply with his/her mailing address (so that the Thermapen can arrive just in time for the holidays). US residents only (sorry, Canadian friends). Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Philip Wicker

    I’ve been eyeing these for a while now. I hear nothing but good things about them. Im a firm believer of getting what you pay for, so the $96 is no scare for me. One of these days I’ll bite the bullet and get one.

  • christophersorel

    I would pick pink so I could see where I put it

  • Scott Manko

    I think the british racing green would go well with my big green egg

  • Coals baby…. want the one with coals!!!!!!

  • Big AL

    Awesome giveaway Wayner.

  • Ron_L

    Stealth Black is the fastest color 🙂

  • manda

    I like the yellow.

  • Steve Amos

    My sleek grey one is fast, but an orange one to match my Mario Crocs would be the bomb diggity! !

  • Steve Amos

    The best thing is their customer service, mine took an extended bath, unbeknownst to me, then didn’t get dried out quickly…it was a hot mess, but for a reasonable fee, the brought it back to life.

  • Daniel

    Love the green!

  • Jake

    Brown would be great to match the roasty brown ales and all the smoked meats I can’t stop making.

  • Dave Bones

    I would be so excited to win one of these! They are amazing.

  • Jake

    This would make my Xmas if I won.

  • tom

    I like the purple ones!

  • Katherine

    I wold love the cornflower blue to match my kitchen accessories!

  • Benjamin Say

    Orange for me!

  • Chuck

    I would probably pick brown.

  • Nizam Rahman

    Yo gimme a red one.

  • Peter

    Anything but white – I’d lose it in the snow!

  • michael

    Cornflower blue!

  • Tyler

    Red! Fingers crossed!

  • Jeff Easter

    That British Racing Green is the bomb

  • Let’s do this!

    FYI… your Facebook link says page not available.

  • Aaron curtis

    British racing green

  • Aaron LaBounty


  • Wade

    Orange you glad I can so quickly tell you the internal temp of that smoked holiday turkey?

  • crazyhobo5

    A yellow one, so I never miss it in a drawer!

  • Patrick Teeling

    I’d love a blue one.

  • Joshua Scott

    Id love the Gray or Blue one!

  • Jose Acosta

    Orange! pretty please!

  • Dan

    British Racing Green!

  • Bret

    BBQ, Beer, Thermopens are amazing.

  • Yellow, so it’s easy to find.

  • Matt

    Awesome contest. I wouldn’t even care what color, the Thermapen is awesome in any color.

  • Pat Maloney

    I gotta go with Black. Super sleek.

  • Daniel Elegant

    Orange for the fighting Illini

  • Daniel

    Sounds way cool!

  • Josh

    I would rock the teal thermapen

  • Lindsey Scully

    I’d love a bright red one, so I could find it faster!

  • Matt S.

    British Racing Green

  • Dan K

    Blue thermapen!

  • Kj


  • I have wanted one of these for years, but could never bring myself to pay the money for it. I like orange!

  • Jeff G

    I would have to say Red.

    Red for Reddit, thanks for posting the list there!

  • Matt N

    I’d go with the orange to match my favorite football team! Thanks for the heads up on Reddit!

  • Mark

    Bright green to make it easier to see on the counter.

  • andyhardin

    I’d want the red Thermapen.

  • greg

    My pit needs a superfast blue thermapen!

  • TreyD

    Red so I wont lose it!

  • tweedledee

    That orange one is wicked awesome.

  • Bill Mothershead

    I’ve been wantin’ one of these for a while now. Just never seems to be in the fun-money budget. And I’d have to go with British Racing Green, since that’s my fave color.

  • benny

    orange thermapen has +5 HP

  • spatronis

    gotta get the green one….

  • Andrew


  • colton

    obnoxiously Orange! So I wont lose out.

  • Dave Deahl

    red please

  • Stonecutter

    Love my thermapen. Thought about buying my dad one for Christmas.

  • jon

    Yellow please or glow in the dark if available…

  • Lynne Yost Farmer

    Pink or red would be awesome…pink would be less likely to disappear at the hands of other family members 😉

  • citibaker

    I need one of these! I think I would pick the yellow one so it stands out in my gadget drawer.

  • Jaimie Helms McConnell

    Pink! We already have a Red one for my hubby, so now a Pink one for me! His and Hers!

  • Rhonda Hollis

    Green would be nice to match my big green egg;-)

  • Guest

    Color doesn’t really matter, but I love the purple!

  • crazyhobo5

    Thank you so much Big Wayner! Received the prize yesterday and used it today. Can’t believe my luck.