Five for Friday: Five Reasons to Join the North Carolina BBQ Association


If you keep up with my antics on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I recently became a certified judge for the North Carolina BBQ Association. Today, I want to point out five reasons why you should join as well!

Getting In at the Ground Level

Since the NCBBQA is a new organization, joining now will give you opportunity to influence and shape the organization to help promote and preserve the tradition and culture of North Carolina BBQ (no matter if your allegiance is to Eastern style or to Lexington/Piedmont style). Plus you can be one of the few who can look back years later and say “I was there from the start.” Plus with a low cost of membership ($30 per year for an individual membership, $100 per year for a competition team membership), there’s simply no reason not to join.

It’s Not Just About Competitions…


One of the big factors that has drawn me to the North Carolina BBQ Association is their promotion of traditional North Carolina BBQ. Whether it’s through cooking classes or promotional events, you just can’t get enough NC BBQ.

… But Competitions Will Be There Too!


What’s one sure-fire way to promote a style of BBQ? Why, have a BBQ contest! The North Carolina BBQ Association will be an official sanctioning body that emphasizes NC styles of BBQ, and judges will (and have been) trained to look for flavor profiles that best represent North Carolina.

Meet the Legends

With the focus on traditions and culture, opportunities will surely arise to get to meet legends and big names in the world of NC BBQ. And you’ll want to be first in line for those opportunities!

The Price is Right

In today’s economy, it’s all about the price. With memberships starting at $30 per year, it’s hard to beat that for a membership to an association whose sole focus is the preservation of NC BBQ traditions and culture!

So why wait? More info can be found at the association’s website, along with membership applications.

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